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Psychic Development

Which Type of Psychic Seeker are YOU?
So someone told you that you have natural psychic abilities and now you want to know how to develop them.
Or maybe you noticed it yourself! You’re suddenly having prophetic dreams. Or maybe you’ve always had those, but lately they are causing you to want to be able to understand them. You want to know what you are supposed to do about those dreams–what do they mean?
Perhaps you’ve always thought of yourself as having a strong intuition but now you want to harness that power or at least figure it out. (Pardon me a moment, while I try to stop cringing at the word power, hoping we don’t mean power over anyone else.) Maybe you’re wondering what the universe is trying to tell you; you already know who is on the phone before answering it. This must mean something! You wonder if your special. You must be, you think. You obviously have gifts. What does the universe want you to do with them? Its’ all so exciting! Something’s going on! What does it all mean? Well, you’re not alone my friend–people are opening up in wildly huge numbers these days!
You have this mental concept or idea that you already are gifted and now all you need is the right class or right teacher to take you the rest of the way. Then you can become all-knowing and omnipresent. You figure that you can do great things; maybe make even get rich or at least impress your friends and family! The ego begins to think of a thousand or more ways you can outshine the rest, because after all, says the ego, you’re obviously gifted and very special. Besides, the ego says, you’re more than 3/4 of the way there–just look at those dreams that you’ve had and the prophetic visions that turned out to be accurate!
Of course, you tuck that part deep within and don’t talk much about it. You say to others that you want to be able to help the world with your gifts, but secretly maybe you’re hoping to make that money and impress those people–who knows where this could lead!
But you want assurances from other psychics who are willing to share their knowledge with you–promises, guarantees. You think that if you just knew the trick or had the key to open that final door, all the riches of the world and fame will be yours, right? You have visions of the universe falling at your feet and others following you, begging you to help them with your gift. You could read everyone’s mind and know what they’re really thinking and maybe even win the lottery! And of course, a certificate! You will need that certificate. You must have that, because it will prove you are psychic!
Here’s a typical type of email that I sometimes receive from people who peruse my On-line Psychic Class:
I have some abilities and have been told by more that one reputable psychic/medium that I have a strong ability, but I need to harness it and learn the proper way to use it. Does your on-line course really work? Any guarantees? Do I get certificate, certifying that I am a psychic? Once I take your class will I be a medium? (What? Like presto chango? Or Expecto Fantasium? or perhaps Expecto Patronum? Lumos Maxima or Wingardium Leviosa maybe?)
Okay. I will get off the soap box now and apologize for the sarcasm above. Maybe that’s not you.
Maybe you are the type of seeker who realizes that if your intuition is more fully functioning, it would help you in your profession. Maybe you’re actually not trying to get one-leg-up on the rest of humanity and your purposes are pure and altruistic. Perhaps you realize that you could enhance your life’s work if you could be more intuitive–you could help others even more that you already do. There’s always a chance that you would like to change professions completely and become a professional psychic medium because you have great compassion for people’s suffering.
There’s also a likelyhood that you don’t really know why you are drawn to taking a psychic class and leaning to develop your intuition. In a survey of recent students in which I asked why they are taking the class, they were asked to select the best response that most appropriately applies to the reason they signed up for the course. Here are the results of the survey:
26% said that they seem to have always heard a small voice within directing their life and want to learn to make contact more with this voice intentionally
20% said that they’re not sure why they wanted to take this class; something just guided them to it
16% said that they have always wanted to be more psychic and are not sure why
10% said believe that learning psychic development would enhance a current career which is also metaphysical and/or motivational in nature [includes healers].
10% said that they looking for more information to enhance their current psychic career.
8% said that they want to change careers and they are taking the class to determine if I can do psychic readings professionally.
4% said they are taking the course to enhance their spiritual life and don’t care much about doing readings for others
4% said that they go to psychics for readings and would now like to learn how to do readings for themselves (instead of going to psychics)
2% selected this response: have occasionally used tarot cards (or Angel Cards, etc) to receive information for myself or others and want to know more about the process
The age range of the students who have enrolled in the class are as follows: 35% are ages 39-45; 21% are ages 32-38; 19% are ages 46-52; 10% are ages 25-31; 10% are ages 53-59; 4% are ages 60-66; and 2% are ages 18-24.
Perhaps from the data above you are getting an inkling of the idea that what we’re talking about a life path versus a 6-week class accompanied by a piece of paper called a certificate. Its not that the class can’t be helpful–it certainly can. I took classes myself and don’t regret for a moment the valuable information that I received and hope that my own class offers that same type of value and service. However, one class won’t do it all for you–that’s the point I’m trying to make here.
Coming to a teacher with the expectation that at the end of the course, you’re going to knock everyone’s socks off with your all-knowing psychic ability is a bit naive. That’s all I’m saying.
What you, yourself, come to the course with in the first place will enhance your benefits. For example, do you do any form of daily spiritual practice or meditation? Do you know how to settle your mind, quiet your thoughts, and hold a single-pointed focus? Can you even focus your energy long enough to determine a question to ask the Higher Mind and can you receive enough of a response to refine your question in order to get to the heart of the issue? (This will be the subject of another blog post in the future.)
I asked students about their past experience regarding the frequency of the practice of meditation in their life. And I asked them to select the choice that most appropriately applies to them. Here is what I received when I asked them to select the response that applies most appropriately to them:
30% said that they meditate often and usually receive some information or guidance when they do
23% said that they meditate occasionally by sitting in stillness with no particular technique
19% said they’ve tried to meditate but can’t seem to stop thinking and so are unable to meditate, but are taking the class to learn more about it
16% said that they meditate daily by sitting in stillness with no particular technique.
2% chose this response: I’ve never meditated in my life, nor have I ever tried.
2% selected: I meditate daily by sitting and chanting.
2% selected: I meditate only occasionally, sitting and chanting
2% selected: I don’t formally meditate but feel relaxed and receptive when I’m engaed in a creative activity.
2% selected this response: Yoga is my main form of meditation.
What you bring to the process will enhance your development and advancement. Additionally, the amount of devotion and sincerity that you apply will also affect your outcome.
Working in these areas psychic evolution and spiritual development is part of a life path and this is often times misunderstood. I’ve always quoted Edgar Cayce (one of the most famous and documented psychics of all time) who said, “ Psychic ability is ultimately best achieved through the process of spiritual development.” (See my article on Intuition posted on my web site.) What we’re talking about is personal spiritual evolution and being psychic is just a product of that–it’s not a means of it’s own. Do we ever stop evolving? And should we get a certificate for our efforts in that direction?
One last point to add in this post is that to ensure any level of success personal devotion to the process is needed. This not only includes developing the good habit of daily meditation (for a number of reasons which will be outlined on another day, another time), but more importatly practice. Practice actually doing readings–including this as a daily practice as well. Obviously, like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you get and the more confidence you build.
This opens up to another point–the amount of confidence you have in yourself is a great determiner of your success. How can I give you a certificate for that? Many people who lack confidence in life generally will turn to this path of being psychic in order to build up their own esteem and worthiness. I doubt that they realize consciously that this is why they are attracted to this area–but this is what I have observed and correlated from having worked with quite of number of students.
I cannot wave a magic wand and turn you into something–a psychic or anything else. That’s your job–that’s your life path and I cannot walk it for you. There’s no magic pill. I cannot eat the spiritual food and digest the spiritual food for you either.
But I am willing to share my own experiences with you, encourage you and point the way toward the path–I just cannot walk the path for you and giving you a certificate isn’t going to make you magically psychic!
It’s a path ladies and gentlemen–its a life path. Practice, results, correlation, practice, more results and more correlation mixed with self-analysis, self-examination, daily devotion and more observation and correlation: that’s what gets you where you want to go.
I’m stepping down fully from my soap box now–apologizing for stepping back up on it a few paragraphs ago.
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. A teacher can only instruct on the way–but only you can walk the way! No guarantees from the teacher; that’s the student’s job!
One final note–not to burst anyone’s bubble–and that is that everyone is becoming more psychic, more intuitive now! It’s just part of the evolutionary path of humanity; more and more people are opening up to higher levels of mind. Everyone? Yes, I think so; but some are more aware of it than others, that’s all.
Now its true that some are just by nature more sensitive than others–that can clearly be seen by someone’s natal birth chart. Lots of planets in Pisecs or a strongly place Neputne or Jupiter can confirm this; so I do agree that some of us actually are more sensitive than others. Yet, this ability exists in everyone–its our natural birthright; or so goes my own belief about it. So, are some really more “gifted”? I think some are more naturally sensitive to subtle energies; and some have worked in these areas in previous lifetimes and are here to continue developing what has already been evolving. I’m not trying to contradict myself here; rather there can be some indication to being predisposed to being sensitive and intuitive. Yet, if you feel called to develop this area further, you are meant to do so; otherwise you wouldn’t have the desire in the first place.
Somebody can be a gifted car mechanic too; where our interests lead us represents a calling of sort–a way to help our own soul evolve back to Source and serve humanity in the process. As a result of a desire to reconnect with Source Energy, we will all become psychic–we will all be centered in the totality of the sea of consciousness rather than in the individual ego. Think: the center of gravity in the ocean rather in the wave! Its where everybody’s headed–how many lifetimes it takes is the variable.
There is no time in actuality; all there is, is the Eternal Now. And we are all being drawn back into Souce on the inbreath of The Divine. And we are all becoming psychic as that occurs.
These are my final thoughts on these matters for today.