Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cancer Moon ~ Use It to "Know Thyself"!

Everyone's Moon moves into the sign of Cancer on Wednesday April 1st around 11:30 am (EDT) and remains in Cancer until Friday the 3rd around 2:30 pm (EDT).

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and the 4th house of the zodiac. I can't help but think of a transiting Cancer Moon as a doubly moody Moon.

Of course, for each of us it will manifest differently dependent upon which house it is moving through in each person's chart.
ADDENDUM: and dependent upon what apects the Moon is making in your personal chart. This blog's weather report is general--it obviously has to be.

Cancer is a feminine sign; it's passive and is associated with the element of water. The 4th house is associated with "the womb" and therefore has connections with family or whatever the soul considers as being 'safety of the home' or the actual home itself. The archetype of the 4th house and Moon is the phenomenon of ego and subjective consciousness for the purpose of creating an evolving self-image. So issues of one's ego and self-image could be triggered due to the 4th house association of the Moon's rulership of this area.

With the Moon in Cancer we can tend to reach for emotional intimacy and then withdraw for the purpose of emotional security and containment. Think: the crab withdrawing into its shell.

Also, since the 4th house association with Cancer deals with one or both parents as well, we could find issues of emotional displacement from childhood coming up to the surface when the Moon is in it's own sign of Cancer. Additionally, the Cancer/Capricorn axis can bring up inner issues having to do with male/female distortions--Cancer being the female end of the spectrum and Capricorn the male. We may find that we crave emotional nurturing at this time since the Moon in Cancer has to do with nurturing energy. The Moon rules the stomach, so this area of the body may also be triggered. All of this considered, I think security issues are where we are most likely to see any unresolved distortions of this energy play out or manifest i.e. the "wounded child" and that type of thing. Early childhood wounds sometimes become "stuck" in the subconscious and displaced due to the early defenses of the child to overwhelming parental conditioning. The Moon connects to our "emotional" reality and the nature of the emotional body.

Due to man-made religious conditioning which has given us a distorted view that the source of security lies somewhere outside of self, a transiting Cancer Moon can help us evolve toward the true sense of security which comes from within. As one famous evolutionary astrologer (Green) once said, Sometimes the famous rug has to be pulled out from underneath the famous feet to enforce the idea that security is within.

On a more mundane level, a transiting Cancer Moon can favor domestic activities, home decor and family gatherings. In all of these cases, however, the hungry Cancer Moon is seeking emotional security and a sense of belonging and nurturing.

Emotional energy will be running high during this time and generally we may tend to take things very personally... the Moon will be reflecting the issues of your Sun to a high degree. And the house that your own personal Moon rules in your chart will give you a hint as to how your own security issues are likely to manifest for you. Where your natal Moon sits is an indicator of how you seek to have your emotional needs met.

No matter which way we cut it, when the Moon transits it's own sign (as it will be from Wednesday afternoon until Friday afternoon), emotions will likely be running high and sensitivities will be hightened too. If you are psychic, look for the Moon in Cancer to be a time when you can be super-psychic if you can discern the difference between your own emotional responses and true psychic sensitivity.

How to work with the Cancer Moon

Study your emotions and learn from them if you can. Observe the emotions of others and in light of the information in this post, you will likely understand what type of emotional security that person is seeking. This can help you understand not only yourself better but your friend and family too.

Here are some quotes on emotional awareness to help you work with the Cancer Moon:

You are on the Earth with a personality to learn about those parts of your self that need to be healed.

The intentions of your Soul are harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life.

The intellect has been demoted. [referring to the new paradigm] The intellect is no longer the chairman of the board. It is an employee. It is at the service of the heart.

It is necessary to become intimately aware of your self. Emotional Self Awareness! Until you become emotionally self aware, you won't know what it is you need to heal. And, therefore, you won't be able to heal it.

Your emotions show you the parts of yourself that are operating outside of your field of awareness. You need to be aware of your emotions because your emotions are the force-field of your Soul.

You cannot experience your Soul without experiencing your emotions. And this is not the same as projecting your emotions outside of your self (blame). And it is not the same as the intellect assigning a word like "anger" or "jealousy"--those are only
words. You must feel your emotional body, not the intellect.

You must feel the emotions within the body--in the throat, or the chest or the solar plexus. You must feel the emotional body, not the intellect. The intellect is no longer running the show.

You can meditate until you leave the Earth School and you can read spiritual scriptures and psychology books or you can study theology and you can pray, but until you can FEEL and UNDERSTAND the MESSAGES and GIFTS that your feelings bring you, YOU WON'T BE IN TOUCH WITH YOUR SOUL.

There are parts of the Soul that are here to heal and until you have found the roots of compulsions, obsessions, fixations and addictions, it doesn't matter how many times you set the intention for harmony and cooperation or sharing and reverence for life, as soon as something activates a compulsion, you will re-act (act again) the same way you have in the past.

Emotional awareness creates a fundamental step in creating your own freedom.
Unconscious emotions run our lives until we become aware of them!

Make it a practice to know what is going on inside of your body.

Notice the places in your body where you process your emotions.

Look inward for the reason for the emotion--don't project or blame others for those emotions.

This is being emotionally responsible... able to respond. And this is the start of being able to respond in wisdom.

Emotional awareness is your ability to continually receive information about your self that is important for you to know about your self.

Emotions are the force-field of your Soul--messages from your Soul.

Emotional awareness is your ability to receive MESSAGES FROM YOUR SOUL.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moon in Gemini Emotional Weather Report

The Moon is in Gemini Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday
The Moon moves into Gemini at approximately 8:30 am (EDT) Monday morning 3/30/09.
It remains in Gemini until 11:30 am (EDT) on Wednesday, 4/1/09 -- April Fool's Day! :)

So what's the Emotional Weather report for the early part of this upcoming week? What will the hungry Moon be endeavoring to pursue in order to feel comfortable, secure and happy?

We may as well know so we can go with the flow, right?
And it can't hurt to know what will satisfy other people emotionally either.
So let's take a look.

Who or what is Gemini? The teacher, the storyteller, the journalist. Right off the bat we could see that writing and communication would be favored--emotional fulfillment could come from that.

The Gemini Moon derives emotional security from information, information, and more information. Gemini is the left brain process--it's not that the Gemini doesn't feel, it does. It's just more intellectual than its philosophical polarity, Jupiter/Sag. As a way of avoiding the emotional body, Gemini tends to pull in a lot of information to process in order to intellectually understand what's going on. Gemini Moon can have revolving door perspectives because of information seeking rather than allowing the intuition to work.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini energy (like the planet Mercury itself) is fast moving and because it moves so quickly through the heavens, it sees quite a lot--its view and perspective is always changing.

That sort of makes me think of my hikes at Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA). Most US residents will recognize the Grand Canyon in the picture above. For International Readers: Meet my friend, the Grand Canyon! As you traverse the switchbacks and round the many bends, the view is constantly changing and you're continually being stimulated by scenery that changes before your eyes as you look from different angles. That's sort of like Gemini I think--taking it all in so fast that no conclusions can be drawn because the perspective is always changing. Curiosity fulfillment is continually sought. And, again, with no conclusions drawn--there's no time for that! Think: information overload. That's what the Gemini Moon loves! And usually there's a need to talk about all that information. Think: Chatter.

There may be less sleep when the Moon is in Gemini--it's hard to sleep when you keep chattering to yourself! Besides, this Moon will stimulate the nervous system like at no other time--that fast Gemini energy can produce jumpiness if you know what I mean. Too much of this and there is collapse and implosion, like a star blowing itself up!

How to avoid this? Quiet talk. No mind-wars with others or with your self. Heart-to-heart communication instead of verbal jousting. And doing something with that nervous energy... release it through a physical workout. Yeah, I'd say that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning are great times for physical exercise--preferably a fast paced walk in a place that has different views if possible. Live near the Grand Canyon? ha ha
Whatever exercise you do, don't make it boring. Gemini likes diversity.

The "twins" associated with Gemini refer to duality, opposite polarities and vacillating between the two. It's said that Libra has trouble with decision, but that's because this energy easily sees both perspectives. But I think Gemini has even more difficulty in this area because it gathers so much information that it has difficulty using it to draw any conclusion whatsoever. And more to the point, the twins usually wrestle with themselves over it all anyway. When I hear someone say, "Well, I'm of two minds about that", I think of Gemini and the duel nature of the twins.

Well, anyway, the twins like to be busy and can easily and quickly change what they're being busy about--the energy of this sign is flexible and mutable. Sometimes so flexible that it's like two different personalities; that's where the twin reference comes in.
Of course in the heavens we have the twin stars of Gemini--but that leads us into the topics of astronomy and mythology. I'll leave that for another time.

The thing with Gemini Moon is that it is highly intellectual and not as much into feeling as some of the other Moon signs.... so we could say that it's likely we'd see people being more apt intellectualize their emotions when the Moon is in Gemini.

When the Moon is in Gemini it brings "up" the energy of it's ruling planet, Mercury. And on Monday the March 30th, Mercury conjuncts the Sun. This could manifest as people being overly involved in their own thoughts at the expense of yours--ignoring yours. I think, therefore I am! The blind spots created by the merging of the bright Sun with Mercury could prevent people from seeing the points of view of others.
Guidelines: Be sure to get your physical exercise Monday & Tuesday so you can sleep at night, and watch out for those tricksters on April Fool's Day--that's on Wednesday. And be mindful of those blind spots created from the Sun/Mercury conjunction. By the way, the effects of the Sun/Mercury conjunction will be strung out, essentially, over the first few weeks of April.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

How Do You Talk To Your Spirit Guides?

You Listen, Feel and Observe!

People always want to know the answer to this question. I don’t think it’s about talking to them as much as it is about LISTENING to them! There’s a big difference!

I think most people talk too much – to others, to themselves and even to their guides. And the listening part is where the difficulty arises!

My sense is that we are being monitored all the time by spirit guides or let me say it this way, by higher intelligence. And this higher intelligence feels our feelings too. So our emotional language is also being monitored. That’s my sense of how it works anyway.

The responses that we get from the energy that we like to call spirit guides comes to us in the form of emotions too. We can also receive replies via words and synchronistic events of all kinds and shapes and sizes. More about emotional replies from spirit guides a bit later.

And now we’re actually going into the topic of the language of spirit and that should be rightfully covered in its own post another day, another time.

Let me stick with the subject here… my apology for drifting momentarily. Anyway, we are so busy chatting away to ourselves and others and experiencing our emotional dramas most of the time that we can actually miss the reply or return call from what we term spirit guides or the higher intelligence.

It’s right there! Transmissions are being broadcast and sign posts are being held up before us all the time and many times we just don’t get it. And I say this from personal experience, because that happens to me too. Sometimes we get it well after the fact and look back and realize we were being given information and communication the whole while.

So the greater question, I believe, and that which I am asking you to consider is this. How do we listen to our spirit guides?

Let me go for a bullet list here and see if I can gather and make a few points in this regard. Here's a short list of "how to's" that comes to mind:

Quiet the mind. Yeah, I know. Easier said than done—especially when we REALLY need that guidance. Practicing doing this when "all is well" and at times when there is no crisis will help you to create that pathway. Then you can access it quickly when you really need to find your way into a quiet mind. When the mind is quiet, we can listen.

Pay attention to what other people are saying to you. Many times information and answers come right out of the mouth of others. Don’t be picky about how the answers and insights come… spirit will use whatever avenue is open and available. If they can’t get straight through to you, they will use your friends.

Notice what you are being drawn to do. I call it being “impulsed”. You can call it being guided. It manifests as an overwhelming desire. Such as a desire to pick up the phone or write that email or whatever you are being drawn to. Be aware while doing all activities.

Answers and messages come through movies,books and music. There are all kinds of pathways that spirit uses to reach you.

When, in the midst of a crisis of some type, you are suddenly overcome with feelings of calm and peace, that's an emotional reply from your spirit guides. They pick up your emotions and respond with emotions.... those of calm and peace and sudden joy! That's another way your spirit guides talk to you.

Okay, those are just a few thoughts on the subject for today. My essential point is that we don't have to talk to them as much as we think we do... they already know via monitoring our thoughts and feelings. A simple, "help" works just fine--that's the expression of your free will to accept assistance. They already know what's going on. Then, all we have to do is be awake and aware enough to receive the reverse signal.... that's the real issue!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Moon In TAURUS Weekend Emotional Weather Forecast 3/28 & 3/29/2009

The Moon will be in Taurus starting around 5 am (EDT) Saturday morning the 28th until around 9 am (EDT) Monday morning the 30th.

What is it that we will likely seek to comfort us and make us happy when the Moon is in Taurus?

How can we work with the cosmic energy of the Taurean Moon to understand our self and others?
Is there a way to elevate the Taurus Lunar energies and harmonize with them?

I will try to answer those questions. When I think of Taurus, I think of "Earth Spirit" and also "simplicity". In the image in this post, what do we see? Nature, the outdoors, the lush valley, butterflies and flowers... the enchantment with nature. We are just coming off of an Arian Moon... the hot furnace, the fire. The consciousness of Taurus however is like ancient Celtic energy and what comes to mind is green grass and leaves, birds singing and the seeking of a connection with the Soul of the Earth itself.

In contrast to Aries where the Ram was posturing for battle, the Taurean Bull is tranquil, in control of his world, beyond fear.... no war, only peace. As I said in last month's post when the Moon was in Taurus, this energy seeks peace, tranquility and security itself. And in it's highest expression Taurus finds that security by grounding in the Earth and doesn't want to talk as much as it just wants to feel. The consciousness of Taurus is very deep, yet simple. I will tell you about the lower expression of this energy in a moment.

Maybe you're not typically a nature lover, but what will help your mood and emotional body feel good is to connect with nature in some way over the weekend. You may see that your family and friends have a desire to do something outdoors or tend go off to find simplicity in nature in some way. Mother Earth relates to the bull and so a walk in the woods or a quiet hour by a flowing stream... these are healing cures that would be very satisfying to partake of when the Moon is in Taurus.

Communication from others this weekend may be lacking a bit... again, Taurus doesn't like to talk, and silence is its friend. Taurus is ruled by Venus and so we have to bring "beauty" into the discussion and in the case of Taurus, it is usually beauty found in the natural world. You may find that you (and/or others in your life) will seek silence and simplicity when the Moon is in Taurus. And by the way, Taurus has an aversion to emotional drama and would rather feel the earth under the feet and a tasty bit of fruit in the mouth than to deal with emotional drama and trauma. Taurus has a quiet reverence for silence. If your friends are not receptive to hearing about your emotional chaos this weekend, don't be surprised.

It is sounding like if you want to feel happy and content this weekend, work in harmony with the Taurian energies just described.

The lower expression of Taurus has to do with seeking security in the form of the type that comes from money and possessions. Taurus, after all, rules the 2nd house which is associated with what is valued. And that can be money--the other type of green energy far removed from nature.

This weekend may be a good time to ask the self what is of most value in the life. Is it life's simple pleasures? Or a fat bank account? Issues around those questions could be triggered over the weekend. The Taurus shadow-side involves stagnating the growth that comes from new experience by being unmovable, stubborn and finding "too much" solace in the old and familiar.

Generally speaking, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and brings out a gentle easy flow of emotions and grounds them.

The Moon itself is beginning to wax now, still crescent phase. The crescent phase is inward, passive. From this point forward for a while until the Moon is full again, the energy will begin to build.

My suggestion involves seeking comfort in nature and trying not to focus too much on the bank balance. Harmonize with this Moon's energy by affirming the abundance of nature... look for the buds forming on trees (if you live in the part of the world where Spring is evident) and remind your self that there is always new growth, re-birth and connect with the renewal energies of Spring!

Enjoy the Taurus Moon this weekend! You will be happiest if you follow the natural tendency to seek simple pleasures and allow others to do the same. I will post more later on noting how the Taurus Moon energies played out for me over this weekend. So, more later.....
It's later. The weekend was very busy with work and I didn't have much opportunity to get out into nature. I did feel fairly peaceful and happy; I guess the Taurus Moon energy agreed with me overall. I really don't have many profound comments to make about the Taurus Moon energy that I can think of at the moment, except to say it was a good weekend for my 2nd house; energy going out (work) means energy coming in.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Your Relationship to Your Spirit Guide (s)

Do we all have the same type of relationship with our Spirit Guides?

Is my relationship with my Guides the same as your relationship with your Guides? Do you even have a relationship to your Spirit Advisers?

Relationships of any and all sizes, shapes and varieties (I believe) are truly about one relationship--and that's your relationship to your self! I think it was Wayne Dyer who said that once. And just like it is when you hear a Truth with a capital T, meaning a profound truth and a universal truth that impacts your heart and mind in a way that is strong and hard, I knew that was exactly right! He said that whatever is going on is never about the relationship between you and the other person. Rather, it's about your relationship to _____ (insert your own word here) like Universal Intelligence, Divine Mind, God or Spirit or Higher Self.

People think it’s really about them and the other guy, you know? But the true dynamic of any relationship is this: it’s really about your own relationship to 'you'! (The You that exists on all levels of mind.)

Yeah, I know that's a little bit esoteric; but think about it.

Of course, the ego will jump in at this point in your reading of this post and say something like, Wait a minute! That other person is a real so n'so and what's going on has nothing to do with my own relationship to myself. But I suggest you look deeper, much deeper.

Okay. So anyway, our relationships to our Spirit Guides are the same way. Or at least that is what I am purporting here and asking you to consider. Let me see if I can create some bullet points here.
The relationship with our Spirit Guides is a reflection of our relationship with our very own self and is based upon...

How clearly or concisely we dialogue with our self -- how clear is your thinking?
How often we turn inward and question our own motives and intentions.
How much we love and respect our self and value our worth.
How effectively we can shift to different perspectives -- how open is your mind?
How separate do we see ourselves from others -- do you see the same qualities in yourself as you see in others?

Well, these are just a few thoughts that came up in the moment.

Generally, the way we feel about ourselves will be the way we feel about others in relationship to them--and I believe that includes Spirit Guides too.

That's enough for now... food for thought. I will blog about this again another time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MOON moves into ARIES in the wee hours of the morning, Thursday

Moon in Aries Thursday and Friday (March 26th & 27th)

The Aries Moon begins Thursday Morning, the 26th, just after midnight.
What makes us emotionally comfortable and secure when the Moon is in Aries?
Aries is about initiation, beginnings. It is the first sign of the zodiac so the theme of freshness and newness is likely. This will likely be the evident atmosphere Thursday and Friday.

Emotionally, we may feel like initiating something new. That would satisfy the Aries Moon, especially after coming off the Moon in Pisces where the emotional tendency may have been more inward, maybe even tinged with some melancholy. But as we move into Thursday and Friday, our emotional bodies may be affected by the Aries Moon in such a way that we want to take charge of our mental state.

Aries (ruled by Mars) likes action--it’s a fire sign and is associated with the archetype of the warrior and is known, many times, as the "life force". Think "Ram" and charging... fierce.

Chances are we will not be emotionally intimidated by others when the Moon is in Aries and we may even feel a tendency to "lock horns" with others. Aries can be explosive, but it is also about courage and leadership. The Aries tendency is sort of like "Move over, I'll take charge!"

At least as it applies to the general mood Thursday and Friday, this type of response from others or from within yourself may be likely-- that's what the hungry Moon in Aries needs to feel secure and happy. It wants to take charge!
Of course, the problem is that not everyone can take charge at once; some people may move more toward the Libra side of the Libra/Aries axis as our Aries energy bumps into other people's Mars-like energy. More on this polarity later in this post.

We may find that we (or others) demonstrate a certain level of emotional courage that may not be as strong as when the Moon is in some of the other signs. Sometimes Aries can be a bit selfish, but sometimes we need to be. And when the Moon is in Aries it will be much easier for us to step into that selfish persona if it is needed.

We may feel like being very outward and external with the Moon in Aries, whereas when the Moon was in Pisces, our tendency was to be generally more inward. With Mars-like Arian energy, we may have a tendency to tell other people exactly how we feel. Aries is also the sign of war; therefore, it would be a good time to be aware of that and if you do go to battle pick your battle well. Otherwise curbing the natural emotional volatility of this Moon may be more appropriate.

Aries rules the 1st house of personal identity and so it might trigger emotional issues in that area as well. Leadership is another Aries archetype and you may find yourself (and/or others) demonstrating an emotional attachment to being out front, leading the pack, in any group activity. The fight or flight response may be evident as well... the Aries polarity is Libra. And Libra would (many times) rather do the flight rather than fight. With any sign of the zodiac, it's always good to take in both sides of the axis. Aries/Libra axis: think fight or flight.

People may be generally aloof when the Moon moves through Aries... this is because Aries does not like being attached emotionally and will do most anything (including provoking conflict) in order to maintain freedom and independence from what it feels may be a susceptible sensitive attachment.

A side note: Moon conjunct retrograde Venus

This Moon will be conjunct retrograde Venus on Thursday the 26th at exactly 2 PM.
You may want to glance at your watch and note what's happening at that time... this conjunction could bring up past emotional issues with relationships or money (since Venus rules both Libra and Taurus).


These little Moon weather reports, we have to remember, are general--like most other weather reports. When the weather man predicts rain, it could be raining in your city or on your block; yet, the Sun is shining less than a mile away at the very same time.

Other factors come into play and sometimes there's a break in the clouds.
And sometimes you (or others) have personal planetary transits or progressions that are much more powerful than the Moon's influence--in which case, there may be a tornado at a time when mild weather was predicted. Such as it is with weather!

Yet, I really like taking a look at the Moon's influence--even if it is very fast moving and sometimes mild. Some people are more tuned into their own emotions and the emotions of others and then there are those that are completely blocked on that level.

And then there are others still who want to white light everything and ignore the emotional body completely. My "take on it" is this: why not understand it and work with it? Planetary energy does have an influence--as above, so below. Since we're on the earth with other humans, may as well be part of it at least on the level of understanding human nature.

You will either find this information interesting and helpful or you won't.
Like the weather, some people don't care about it, barely notice it and just keep on moving.
That is, until a storm comes. Then they stand back and wonder what's going on. It's the same thing with astrology I think.

I've always wondered about changing emotions

It was back in the late 70's or early 80's that I really began to take notice of these things.
I remember that particular day of inquiry very well. I realized that nothing externally in my life had changed from one day to the next; in other words, the outer world was the same on that day as it was on the day before. Yet my mood was completely different.

My thought was, "Yesterday I felt so happy and bubbly (for no particular reason) and today I feel sad (for no particular reason). What's up with that? What changed? And what accounts for this?"

Then I learned thoughts can create or affect emotions--what a revelation!
Change your thoughts and change your mood!
Mother never taught me that---she didn't know it herself, and as far as I can tell she still doesn't.

However, I struggled with the concept for a while. And then I thought it should be flipped around.

My mood creates my thoughts--no, that wasn't quite right either.
These days I have more understanding. It involves the added awareness gleaned from the changing Moon!

It can be complicated, but I've long known that I came here to MASTER MY EMOTIONS or that's one of the reasons. I don't mind contemplating all this for that reason. Besides, I've got allot of planets in Libra so I can deal with paradox without a problem.

Okay! The Moon will move out of Aries around 5 am Saturday morning (EDT).
So by the time most people wake up on Saturday, the Moon moves into Taurus--a more inward sign and the focus will generally be on issues of security and that type of thing.

Meanwhile, have fun with the Aries Moon and use it to initiate, lead and improve your personal identity... but be aware that other people will be on this same wave length too. Maybe you can use this knowledge to help them out a little?

That's it for now... I will add to this post later noting the Aries' effects in my own life.
ADDENDUM: It's now later and as I add to this post the Moon is well into Taurus and the Aries Moon is just a memory. I felt much better after the Moon moved out of Pisces... the Aries Moon had me feeling more grounded. As far as initiating new things, I initiated a new exercise in the psychic class. And I guess you could say I felt a more emotional (Moon) courage (Aries). I extended myself in a few ways that are hardly significant enough to mention, so I won't. I didn't have to lock any ram horns with anyone; but I probably could have handled it if I needed to.
Anyway, that's about all I can think of about how I can correlate with the Aries Moon.
How'd you do with it?


Tuesday, March 24, 2009



Do I have one? Or many? Who is my guide?
People who are interested in metaphysics and spirituality or those who are on the verge of having interest--beginning to awaken--often have a great curiosity about Spirit Guides.

I loved one of the scenes from Lord of the Rings in which ... well, let me share it with you here. This is a cut and paste from a page that I wrote on my website called Into The West.

The little hobbit ring carrier reaches many points of despair in his difficult journey, but there is Samwise Gamgee, the trustworthy companion of ring bearer Frodo Baggins, who reminds him that there 'is' goodness in the world. Whenever Frodo's burdens became too much, Samwise would lift his spirits. In fact, when their goal was in sight and Frodo's strength was almost completely gone, Samwise says, "Come on, Mr. Frodo! I can’t carry the ring for you, but I can carry you!" And he does! Every time I watch that scene, I almost cry. It reminds me of what I know. Our Spirit Guides do the same for us at times! I think that is how our Spirit Guides are--helping us carry our own ring of power (but not actually carrying it for us), and sometimes carrying us, too, when we grow weary.

Maybe you'd have to see the Movie, Lord of the Rings, to fully 'get' the paragraph above. Essentially, our Guides (I believe) support and 'carry' us sometimes but can't solve our problems for us. Sometimes, I feel the feelings of Spirit Guides when I connect with them and can feel their love for my clients. I can also strongly sense how they look at some of the struggles we go through with such great compassion, and knowing they can't interfere with our choices, watch us learn through our experiences. What they can do many times I believe is support us; hold us up; sometimes carry us part of the way, but they cannot take our burdens from us or rob us from the growth experiences we need.

Different Guides for Different Phases

In doing this work over the years I've come to realize that different Guides come into our life spectrum at different times, dependent upon what current challenge or life experience we're having. It seems that maybe they, too, have specialists in their world. For example, you may draw in a particular Guide who is helping you to be more discliplined in your life regarding self-commitments. Or at a time when you are transitioning from one major phase of life to the next, you may even have a team of Guides who come in to help you. Perhaps one for the career, one to help you release that old relationship and another to help you with moving from one geographic location to the next.

Healers seem to have one or more Spirit Guide working with them at any given time and teachers or writers, the same way.

Then we have the category of protector Guides. I've written in an earlier blog about how I've been kept from falling by (what I believe to be) a protector Guide. In these experiences there is very little doubt that the hand of Spirit was involved. My sense is that protector Guides are with us from our time of birth and stay with us until the end... a bit like Froto and Samwise in the movie.

When students come into the psychic class, I believe they kick up the Spirit Guide count a notch or two at the very least. Many times people new to the class feel the increased energy of Spirit around them, and many times they credit me or the class itself for that. However, I think that through their transition into the area of psychic development or their intensification of interest in that area, certain specialized Spirit Guides sign on with them to help them with their expansion and evolution. I strongly believe that I had a Spirit Guide of a new and different order/color come to me when I began to take soul astrology more seriously and devotedly. How do I know? The quality of energy, the vibration, is different when I'm receiving intuitive or psychic information on astrology than at any other time.

Practice Feeling the Energy of Different Spirit Guides

You can learn to discern the energy of Guides through practice with the energy of people in your life... without looking at them, without seeing them. You can practice with your family and friends doing this. Blindfold yourself and ask family or friends (people whose energy you are already familiar with) to walk toward you and as they enter your energy field, you will "feel" their vibe. Try knowing who they are without looking with your physical eyes, but rather feeling with your 6th sense.

Well, these are just a few thoughts on Spirit Guides that I wanted to add. I told folks that I will be updating on the Moon's transits through the signs every few days. But I also said that I'd write about Spirit Guides too. And being a woman of my word (or trying to be anyway), I intend to write more on Spirit Guides later on.

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts that came forward at this time on this day about Spirit Guides. But I have one additional thought to add.

I believe that there is also a phase of development that goes past or beyond the level of Spirit Guides... not that we leave them back in the dust or they leave us. I believe that we incorporate them and merge as one, reaching toward Creator-Source together. It is at this point that the identity of Spirit Guides becomes less important. I will write more about that another time.

Infinite Blessings,

Monday, March 23, 2009

PISCES MOON -Tues & Wedns 24th, 25th


Moon Enters Pisces Monday 3/23/09
5:08 PM (EDT)

Moon Exits Pisces Thursday 3/26/09
1:02 AM (EDT)

The Moon entered Pisces a few hours ago... about dinner time today, Monday. I was in meditation around that time...Meditation is a natural Pisces thing. The mind becoming aware of itself--that's Pisces all over.

And actually I turned to meditation because I needed to re-balance--the transiting Sun squared transiting Pluto today.
Squares... vexing energy!

My Sun (light) was vexed by the power (Pluto) of a chain saw today. The landlord's nephew drastically trimmed the 4 maple trees surrounding the house here. It was traumatic for me, as it always is when these things happen. Trees are my friends and... well, don't get me started. Best to leave that dialogue alone.

Actually I mention this to make a point. The Moon is only one planet (well, it's not really a planet, officially, but most astrologers call it that for simplicity purposes) ... one planet of many. Each planet has an effect and as planets (including the Moon & Sun which are not planets) make aspects to one another they trigger natal signatures. The point is that allot can be going on in a chart and the Moon's effects are only one of many that are possible. I think today transiting Sun square transiting Pluto trumped the effects of the Moon... or maybe we could say it intensified it.

Well, I'd better stick to the point. The Pisces Moon. This sums it up:

...we are luminous beings. We are
perceivers. We are an awareness; we are
not objects; we have no solidity. We are

--don Juan Matus, quoted by
Carlos Castaneda

That describes Pisces... no boundaries. With Pisces its hard to know where we end and the next person starts... the Pisces Ocean. It’s the liquid, flowing symbol of the unutterable mystery that binds us all together.

And with Pisces Moon typically we would feel not only our own emotions but everyone else's too.

This is especially true if you are sensitive by nature in the first place.

Pisces is the symbol of consciousness itself.

Traditionally, Pisces is associated with mysticism and spirituality... blend that with the sensitive Moon, and stir well and what would we get? I'll let you ponder that one for a moment while we continue.

Pisces likes "realizations" and so a Pisces Moon may help you with understandings gained by observing your emotions. Pisces is like ... well instead of observing the world; Pisces observes the mind observing the world. That should give you a good feel for Pisces. It’s about objectivity evaporating leaving nothing but reactions.

A bit esoteric so far, right? Well, what can I say? That's me doing my dance with the Pisces Moon! Empty. Formless. Peaceful.

With a Moon in Pisces, inward attention and less fixation on the outer world of form would be easy, natural.

What would a Moon in Pisces be hungry for?
A change in the way you normally look at and experience the world... Pisces likes dreamy worlds and likes to use imagination. Pisces likes to escape there, escaping from the objective world. This gives comfort to the hungry Pisces Moon... anything to escape.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, embodying all of them and so we could see a full scale of emotional expression... and the ebb and flow of ever-changing emotion too.

Think: Ocean and waves breaking!

With a Moon in Pisces, you (and others) could feel very sensitive, creative, empathic, and imaginative.
If you are highly sensitive by nature, you could feel emotionally overwhelmed (picking up on everyone else's emotions--not knowing for sure which are yours and which belong to the guy next to you)-- or you could feel melancholy to some extent.

How do you work with the energy of the Pisces Moon?

Take advantage of Tuesday and Wednesday--good days to meditate or work on creative and imaginative projects. If you are trying to understand another person in your life, use this time frame to try to tune into other people in order to get a feel for what's going on with them emotionally. Just be sure it’s not you’re your own emotion your feeling--if you know your own emotional body well, you should be OK. Beyond that, be patient with the dreamy emotional nature and tendencies to go inward which you or others may be experiencing. If people want to escape emotionally, or you do yourself--now you will know why.

There you go! Those were a few thoughts and tips for the Pisces Moon--maybe you can think of a few more?

I will post again after the Pisces Moon about the effects that I noticed.
So, more later....
It's Later... Thursday in fact and the Moon has now moved out of Pisces. I must say, this is the first time I've personally noticed and correlated the Moon's signs as it changes; so I'm learning something here. I wonder if I've felt this way every time the Moon's been in Pisces. What way? Well, sort of lost... or maybe spacey would be another word to describe it. Extremely sensitive are other words. Essentially, the feeling was something like not feeling very certain and not feeling my feet on the ground. Okay--ungrounded. I have to toss in a tinge of melancholy too. As I write this post, the Moon is in Aries. I feel much more grounded.
How about you? Did you notice any change in how you felt when the Moon was in Pisces?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

MOON IN AQUARIUS (& the 6th House)


Enters Saturday March 21st
6:06 am (EDT)

Exits Monday March 23rd
4:08 pm (EDT) (When it moves into Pisces)

Looks like an Aquarian mood on tap for the weekend!

What does the hungry Moon want when it's in the sign of Aquarius? What are the emotional needs of the moody Moon in Aquarius? What does the Aquarian Moon need to feel happy and secure?

Aquarius energy doesn't desire wisdom or safety necessarily--this energy seeks freedom and must not conform, not at any cost. Aquarian energy takes orders from no one and seeks, above all else, individuality.

Like Steve Forrest says, "Aquarius and conformity mix about as well as peace and nuclear warheads!"

When the Moon is in this sign, we're liable to say what we see (and feel), regardless of the consequences, especially if it involves protecting our autonomy. And if that involves some sort of temporary exile, so be it. Aquarius is the truth sayer and revolutionist in us all and expresses itself in uncompromising ways. Aquarian energy does not compromise--no deals, especially if involves conforming to the expectations of society/culture, and even more especially if involves betraying one's own personal identity.

Freedom at all costs is the name of the game and if it causes hurt or broken hearts, so be it--that's the mood of the Aquarian Moon.

We may find that we think in different ways when the Moon is in Aquarius and we're all the more apt to defend what we believe is truth. If the perceptions are valid, fine. But sometimes there can be a stubbornness that is not only unwarranted but is excessively eccentric and ridiculously rebellious.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, people may come off to others as being cold or indifferent. But it's probably just a mood prompted by the sensitivity toward maintaining a sense of freedom and individuality. Unless we're with a group of like-minded individuals who see the world the way we do.

Aquarius rules (is the natural ruler of) the 11th house of community and friends... it is also associated with hopes and dreams (goals). The 11th is about aspirations that give meaning to daily life and it's also about connecting with people of like-mind. Some of those themes could come into play when the Moon is in Aquarius. Sort of like hungry to be with people who support our dreams and aspirations--this will satisfy the emotional needs of the hungry Aquarian Moon.

How to work in harmony with the Aquarian Moon? Be aware of how other's may be sensitive to maintaining their sense of freedom and individuality. Give your partner or family their space if they need it. And take space for yourself too if necessary--and don't feel bad about it. You may not feel like conforming to the expectations of the clan. Know that any rebellious or eccentric behavior (on your part or others) is likely to be temporary, through Monday. Hang out with like minded friends and work on your dreams and aspirations--the Moon will help you out with all that! These are just a few thoughts... maybe you can think of more.

Also, Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) is associated with the subconscious mind. Since currently the Moon is conjunct the North Node of the Moon as well, look for impulses, ideas, inspirations about the future (North Node=future) from the Soul via the subconscious to come bubbling up to the surface of the conscious mind--flashes of insight. Lots of original ideas can result from the current Mercury/Uranus conjunction too. Over the weenend, the Moon will make the conjunction with and cross over Jupiter (right brain), Chiron and Neptune! So, lots of opportunity to let the emotions unite with various levels of mind for greater awareness.

Personal Observations

My Aquarian Moon is going to be moving through my 6th house of skill, competence and service.
What house is your Aquarian Moon in? That depends on where the sign is in your natal chart.
Anyway, I will add to this post later.... after I've had time to observe how the Aquarian Moon affects me over the weekend and on Monday. Until now, I've been posting the how the Moon's affect me after the fact. But I sent out an email to folks about Moon reports, like weather reports, suggesting they check the blog. What good does the weather report do you after the storm has passed? So I'm posting about Aquarius before I've observed it in my own life and will add to this post later.

So..... more later!

Here it is later. And here's how I believe the Aquarian Moon affected me this past weekend. I rebelled (Aquarius) against myself... or better said, against my own practical, conservatism!
A part of me said, Damn the torpedoes! (Well, not exactly, but you get the idea.)
I made a few decisions, after a few arguments with my conservative side, and Aquarius won! And these were decisions based on emotion! And actually were sort of anti-society in a round about way. Anyway, I'm actually glad I made those decisions... I will deal with the repercussions later. ha ha But I don't think that I'd have made those decisions without the Aquarian Moon helping me out. There was definitely rebellion afoot this past weekend! I don't care what the economy is doing or the rest of society.... "I reject that reality and substitute my own!" That was IT in a nutshell.


Capricorn Moon (& the 5th House)


Enters Cap Wednesday 3-18-09 5:18 pm (EDT)

Exits Cap Saturday 3-21-09 6:29 am (EDT)
(When Moon moves into Aquarius)

The Capricorn Moon. The "hungry" Moon in Capricorn is hungry for order, stability, groundedness -- it's an Earth sign, ruled by Saturn. Your know the archetype of Saturn... work! Capricorn, the goat, the hermit, the Father. Tenacity, ambition, materialistic--all that is the Capricorn archetype. Toss in worldly power via the association with the 10th house which it rules.

The end point for a Capricorn Moon is emotional stability.... that's what feeds the hunger and the Cap moon wants to be fed accomplished goals!

Capricorn is also about the merging of one's public identity with one's nature--so in that case, there's integrity with a pure Capricorn expression.

I think of the Hermit card in tarot, often times associated with Capricorn--master of solitude. Capricorn energy doesn't "mind" love--being loved or loving others. Capricorn just doesn't like having to "need" another person in that way. Self-sufficiency; that's the idea with this energy.

But we're talking about the Moon; the emotional hunger. And the Moon is waning crescent... a withdrawn type of energy. Inner solitude in a way that's practical--go for a walk alone, work on a project alone.

My Personal Observations

My Capricorn Moon hungers to just BE ME... and not care how I appear to others. And even today, right now, not caring if this post is pleasing to you, the reader. Yeah, that's what I am hungry for emotionally... to just move forward in life with my own self respect and express my personal values, interests and whims in whatever way they're called to express!

Order... that's another expression of today's Moon in Cap. Probably an irrelevant and ridiculous example, but today I operated on my vacuum cleaners... changed the bags and belts. Something I'd been putting off. Capricorn's actual behavior reflects intentions more than emotions.

Don't get emotional--DO something! That's how Capricorn handles emotion. Find some way to restore order and you'll feel better, happier! Capricorn likes action--I cleaned my house for quite an extended period today.

And since the Moon's been in Capricorn, I'm back to being discliplined in my astrology study--tearing apart and reassembling with new understanding the next set of charts! If there was any emotion about it, it was more like I just described... take action! Make a commitment, renew your vow! That's Capricorn in a nutshell; that last line.

It's in a different house for everyone, or at least one of the 12 houses. My Capricorn is the 5th house, this means that my Moon is going through my 5th house. What house is your Capricorn Moon in? The answer involves where Capricorn is located in your birth chart. Anyway, mine's in the 5th -- the house of creativity and self-expression, ruled by Leo. (I've been doing alot of work on my website which would correlate as well.)

"Okay, there is X amount of material and charts and X amount of days, do the math and get started! AND you still have about 8 web pages that need to be redsigned, so if you do one page a day in about a week...." -- that's my Capricorn Moon expressing.

AND, the greater point is that this is what I'm telling myself is going to solve all my problems; anything emotional that comes up, the answer (according to my Capricorn Moon), is to re-commit to areas of work--housework, astrology work, and yard work. My Capricorn Moon even has me convinced that in order to be happy and content, all I need to do is redesign my patio. Which mentally I've done! ha! I've created it in my mind, even if I can't do it materially right now--but I've put a new outdoor rug out and potted evergreens and hanging baskets of flowers (even though its too early in the season). And I did it all in my mind! It's made my Capricorn Moon very happy--satisfied me emotionally. It was mental creativity--that's my 5th house adding its flavor to the Moon.

How has the Capricorn Moon affected your mood Thursday and Friday of this week?

By the way, it's the first day of Spring today! Happy Spring!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Hungry Moon!

"Be more than food for the Moon...
Be what you came here for."

- Kathi Lawder

This post is to catch up with the Moon! Darn ole' Moon, anyway.... moves faster than I can keep up lately! I heard something the other day about the Moon that I'd not considered before. The Moon is hungry! Never thought of it that way before. The reference was given in terms of the Moon's phases. When dark (no moon), it was said, that the Moon is the 'most' hungry emotionally.... it is craving the emotional qualities of the particular sign (and of course, on a more personal level, the house/area of experience) that it's passing through.

I thought that I'd take that theory and see how it correlates.

Libra Moon

But first, I've got some catching up to do! I left off when the Moon was back in Libra. Since Libra is about balance, it would (I guess) make sense that when the Moon is in that sign, we are emotionally yearning for balance, and those other Libra qualities--which are:

  • harmony and equilibrium

  • peace

  • beauty and artistry

  • love -- oh, how could I nearly forget THAT one! ha ha

Libra energy tolerates paradox; meaning it can see two sides to things--which accounts for Libra's well-known quality of indecisiveness.

Now, since I was neglectful and lost track of the Libra Moon time, I have to go back into my memory. I do remember blogging (earlier post) that I had a balanced day... well, balanced as far as "a little of this and a little of that" (regarding my daily activities at that time). Emotionally (which is what we're talking about when we discuss the Moon), I felt fairly balanced because I sought and found a day that included a balance of varied activities. So much for the Libra Moon which was around March 12th and 13th.

Scorpio Moon

Then the Moon moved into Scorpio... deep, dark and hypnotic. A few key words there to start us out but Scorpio is about getting to the bottom of things, probing kind of detective stuff. It is associated with psychology and metaphysics and the occult. This is what a "hungry" Scorpio Moon would be seeking to feel emotionally happy/secure. I wanted to be left alone! That's what I remember about how I felt around the 15th. It seems to correlate.

Sagittarius Moon

The Moon's been in Sag for a few days now... hungry for anything BIG and HAPPY! Those are a few key words for Sag (ruled by huge Jupiter). This is general because we really have to filter in the house, which is different for everyone--the house, the area of life experience. But let's just stick with the generalities. The hunger has to be big--huge in fact--when the Moon is in Sag. And Sag is about philosophy, teaching/education, the ultimate search for the "meaning of life"--all that is Sagittarius, including the search for one's destiny in the cosmic scheme of things--and as Steve Forrest says, "... in practice this attainment is harder than walking up a flagpole." ha ha

For Sagittarius, there is no clear ending to the search, only and endless process

It is not entertainment I am seeking. It is understanding. Understanding, understanding, and more understanding. I will stuff myself with it, sniff it up with every pore, cram it into every orifice. Someday it will pay off. Everything will fall into its proper place, and I will, at last understand! -- Laurel Coldman

I have to say that for the past few days, and currently, with the Moon in Sag, this pretty much describes it for me personally. I've been looking at life from different viewpoints, looking for the answer to the illusive questions and finding no resource as helpful as faith--another Sag keyword, faith. Sag is about FREEDOM too, wanting freedom from limitation and constraints. That, the past few days I can relate to as well. (Mostly freedom from my own fearful mind, if truth be told! And every time I think I've made it! I get another chance to be sure! ha ha)

Okay, so we're caught up on the Moon's and have come back around to where I started this diatribe on the Transiting Moon through the signs! As a matter of fact, in 30 minutes from the final edit of this post, the Moon will move into Capricorn, which is where we started. I just had an idea; maybe I will take the Moon through the Houses for the next 30 days worth of posts.

A Zen story describes three men observing a flag fluttering in the breeze:
One man says, "The wind is moving the flag."
The second man says, "No, the flag is moving the wind."
The third man says, "You are both wrong; it is your mind that is moving."

- Dick Sutphen in "The Oracle Within"

On a final note... I've tried to "enable comments" for this BLOG but to no avail... at this point I'm going to have to give up on it! So, no comments on the BLOG... not because I don't want any, but because I can't seem to get it enabled. Trust me folks, I've tried! the only option being starting the formatting for the whole blog all over again. After uploading the pictures and quotes in the side bar, which took me more hours than I'd care to admit, let's just agree that reformatting the whole blog from scratch isn't going to happen!

However, I invite you to drop me an email if you'd care to make a comment about any of the blog posts here.



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sit Right Down And Write Your Self a Letter!

A letter From Your Spirit Guides

This post is about writing.... some would call it automatic writing.
(Automatic writing is when a spirit takes over your hand.)

This post is about Inspirational Writing.

You are "inspired"... in spirit-ed.

It's easy to do. You begin a dialogue. Open a Word document or any writing program you have or grab a pen and paper. Ever read the book "Conversations With God"? Just like that!

Just write a question and write what you are inspired to write as an answer! That's talking to yourself, you say? Maybe. Maybe NOT.

Just try it. Write, "Spirit Guide are you there?" and you receive and answer and then ask the next question and then the next. How you know you're not just talking to yourself? YOU ARE TALKING TO YOURSELF... but there are many layers to "You". Your Higher Self has lots of connections--and that's what you're going for: the Higher Version of You. Those connections to your Higher Self contain Spirit Guides, working under "the direction of" the Higher Self.

Just write what comes and don't analize the process while you're writing... that crimps the flow. Wait until you're completely finished to read it. The more you practice this way, the stronger the connection will be.

I did it myself this evening--sat right down and wrote my Self a letter! "Look at where Mar is!" That was the answer to one of my questions. So, okay--I open my software program and Mars is crossing my descendent. That explains quite alot!

I got to the bottom of some other concerns too! Don't knock it until you try it! As crazy as it sounds, it actually works.

Spirit Guide are you there? Anyone there?

Yes, we always with you.

Can you tell me what is going on with me right now--why I'm feeling this way?

Check the location of Mars and you will see.

Transiting Mars?


I began to look at the aspects "to" Mars which didn't really tell me much and then I stood back and looked at it with different eyes. Mars is crossing my descendent!

Oh? What does that mean, you say? Well, anytime a planet crosses a sensitive point, which the Descendent 'is', it triggers some stuff. That's the short version of the answer; it's a bit more complicated, but that gives you the idea.

Regarding the writing, the concept involved is to simply listen to what is being said and write down what you hear, or what you THINK you are hearing!

Working with pen and paper or a computer writing program, brings us half way there.... we naturally begin to OPEN when we are poised to write. The next thing is to take a deep breath, maybe say a little prayer or mantra to shift to a higher state of awareness and relax.... going with the "flow" as they say.


Friday, March 13, 2009

How do you recognize Spirit Communication?

Many people ask me how to know the difference between spirit guide communications versus left brain ego dialogue.

First of all, that's a very good question. And while I could write a book on that topic, I will try to make a few points here.

The ego will communicate in ways that are much different that spirit guides. I think a good place to start is with the word "guide" itself.

A "guide" does just that--they don't call 'em guides for nothen'!
A guide will not tell you what to do... they guide you, giving you insight and sometimes in personal dialogue with you will ask you questions to help you realign with your life plan. After all, their job is to keep you on track with the life goals that you have set for yourself. Spirit guides speak to you in ways that are very loving and encouraging as well. You can be sure that if you hear a critical voice in your head--that's not your spirit guide. It's your egoic mind which sometimes repeats critical messages that you've heard directed to you over your lifetime. These are old tapes playing... mother's (or someone else's) critical voice and so forth. Another thing is that many times the ego mind wants to keep you sticking with the old, safe life patterns.

This is why many times in the beginning stages of psychic development, people feel overly-cautious or express concern that this is a dangerous area to work in--their ego doesn't know anything about these areas and feels like its loosing control.
(And it is!) The egoic mind and the logical mind sort of work together sometimes, trying to keep you out of areas that it knows nothing about. This is normal and it soon passes. The idea is to eventually solicit the ego mind and the logical mind to follow in line behind the Higher Mind. It's like a re-training process and it takes a while (dependent upon the individual and their level of resistance) to be able to accomplish the transfer of power. It involves releasing one's will to a Higher Will and ego doesn't like to do that and the logical mind can think of a million reasons why not to do that.

Persistence is the key, however. But all throughout the process, the ego will try to keep you from risking embarrassment (what if the neighbors find out your dabbling in the realms of psychism?) and failure (what if you try to do a reading for someone and make a fool of yourself?). People get past this stage, but it may take a while, depending on how developed the ego actually 'is'.

The egoic mind is not bad; it is there to protect us... but it need not protect us from Spirit World and Higher Self. Anything the ego doesn't know anything about, it tries to stifle--unfortunately, that suppresses growth and spiritual evolution.

One of the most wonderful things in my life (well, not THE most wonderful, but one) was a time when spirit guides were... well, guiding me. They were persistent and repetitive. But they did not tell me what to do, per se. Let me explain. They used a phrase like "Why don't you?" Here's what I mean. A friend suggested (rather strongly and persistently) that I pick up a news paper on the way home to check out a house for rent. I really didn't have the time to move, nor the money--even though I really want to move. After leaving my friend, I headed for home to finish an assignment for a college course and really wanted to get back to finish it. In fact, I was rather in a hurry to do so.

As I approached the one (and only) store that sells newspapers, I was hearing, "There's the store that sells newspapers, you could stop in and get one." I ignored the voice and just wanted to get home. As the store was within turning distance, again I heard, "You could stop in here and get a paper." And again, I ignored the suggestion. After I passed the store, then I hear, "You could have gotten a paper to check out the houses for rent." I kept driving. And yet again, "Why didn't you stop at the store and get the paper?"

Enough! I said. Fine, I will go and get the paper! And I turned the car around and got the paper. To make a long story short, I ended up calling the lady with the house rental listing. And ended up finding the most wonderful house and between then and
move-in time I somehow had enough money for the deposit and moving expenses. I'm in that most wonderful house now as I write this post--yet, had I not gotten the paper on that day, I'd still be in that old, falling apart drafty old house. There's a lot more to this story, but I think I've made the point.

And the point is that I've given an example of how spirit guides can guide us and most importantly dialogue with us--notice they did not tell me what to do (exactly), they just heavily suggested it, with great persistence!

One last point, spirit guides will never suggest that you do anything dangerous or cruel and will never speak to you in an unkind way. In my experience, they've always been patient and loving. Although (as in the example above) sometimes they are very persistent.
I know it wasn't my ego mind telling me to get the newspaper, nor even my logical mind. Logically, I knew I didn't have the money or the time. And my ego wouldn't have believed I could have moved in the first place--that was the part of me that just wanted to get my college assignment finished.

Anyway, more about this type of thing in the next blog. That's all for this time.

Meanwhile, I lost track of the Moons! I got carried away with updating my website, changing the home page and making some much needed improvements and corrections. There's still more to do, but I got side tracked for a few days and didn't post about the Moon like I've been doing.

That urge to do some work on my website was probably helped along by the Moon being in Virgo at the time. I left off posting with the Cancer Moon and this month the Cancer Moon wasn't too much of a bug-a-boo for me. Deep feelings--I can agree to that I guess--but the irritability that I sometimes feel with the Cancer Moon didn't seem evident this time around.
Hey! Satori! I bet that's where the phrase "this time around" comes from! The Moon going around the zodiac each month! -- this time around, meaning the Moon moving through all the signs once every 30 days!
Anyway, the Virgo Moon (I'm certain of it!) helped me make the detailed corrections on my web page...and I'm sure when it hit transiting Saturn in Virgo (Saturn being hard work) and Virgo being about picky details, the combo caused me to be up nearly 48 hours straight (with a few hours napping here and there) while creating some new web pages. I just went back and check in with my astrology software program and I see that the 2 days that I worked nearly around the clock, the Moon was in Virgo!
The Leo Moon just previous to that was hitting my natal Saturn, probably pushing me in those same directions. Leo likes to be noticed and likes attention. My web page was very slow loading and maybe the Leo Moon was helping me to think about getting more "attention" on my website?
The reason I'm posting about this Moon stuff is that I've been blogging about how the transiting Moon affects energy as it moves through zodiac during the monthly cycle (see earlier posts).

Now (currently/today) the Moon is in Libra--my sign! My Natal Sun and Moon are both in Libra.

As a matter of fact I'm having a Lunar return currently--the Libra Moon is making an exact conjunction with my Natal Moon at the time of this post, at 19 degrees. Libra Moon seeks balance. Peace and Harmony is the Libra Moon's desire. Also, and most importantly the Libra Moon seeks balance. Libra is inherently 'out of balance' and is constantly seeking it.
I think I've had a pretty balance day--work, exercise, rest and a little play too!
My Libra Moon should be fairly happy--it is. :)

Until next time dear reader....
Think abundance! And listen for the voice of your Spirit Guides!


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well, here we are! 1:30 am 'ish and I started to run a Norton Virus Scan and I can't sleep until it's finished. Yeah, I tried but its like sleep won't come while I know my computer is running.
I think this computer has become too attached to my own brain... !! It's like there I am laying in bed scanning along with my computer! (Instead of sleeping!)

How many more items to scan can there possibly be? We're up to 267,500 something or other items now!
Make that 268,360 and counting!
I had no idea there were that many files in this computer's brain!
I wonder how many files are in my brain?

At least that many and more I'd say, considering all the silly memories that pop into my head when I'm trying to sleep... especially when we're nearing a full moon... which we are!
Life reviews I tell ya', life reviews! Just like this computer scanning files, my brain scans my memory files... searching for corrupted mental memory files... isolate! quarantine! delete!
Then forgive, re-write and release!

People's items, especially ones they frequently use, actually do become an extension of them. It happens with our cars, our computers, our jewelry. That's how people do psychometry... they read the person's energy that is surrounding and attached to their favorite item.

If someone did psychometry on my computer, I wonder what kinds of vibes they'd pick up! Considering some of the names I've called her lately, that'd be interesting.

Yet, I apologize right away after yelling at her. (Yeah, my computer is a her--have no idea why, but definitely female.) "What the heck is taking you so long!? NOW what are you doing?!" Then I say I'm sorry--what would I do if my computer got just as ticked off at me as I get a her. And as a result she REALLY started acting up?

Sorry, Sorry, I say... I didn't mean that--usually following that kind of apology (also many times at drivers in traffic who I've just called "Bubba"), I usually apologize to "god" too, since everything is an extension (somehow) of god--just like this computer is an extension of me!

So I say sorry to the car, the computer, the people in traffic, followed by the quick addendum, "sorry god", too.

Well, we're over 360,000 items scanned now... we've got to be running out of files soon. Any minute I hope! It's getting close to 2 am!

I'm now having a fantasy... it involves marrying a computer geek... or maybe a quick affair and afterwards saying, "Hey (like it just came to me), you wouldn't mind having a look at my computer would ya'?" True confessions! I still fantasize about taking up with a car mechanic once in a while too. I usually toss these kinds of thoughts in during the full Moon sleepless night life-review scenarios!

It's my natal Mercury in the 3rd house! I'm sure of it. Too strong a placement... Mercury RULES the 3rd house and there it is in the house it rules. And its in the sign of Scorpio... which goes to the depth! Let's not leave one stupid memory in the corner of the mind!, says Scorpio, Let's drag them all up and out into the Moonlight! Yeah, and let's keep her up all night!

We're now approaching near 500,000 files scanned.... gimme a break! Why did I even start that virus scan in the first place? Well, she's been running slow and I've done everything ELSE I can think of to speed her up. I guess she's getting old, like me.

Five years in computer age these days is pretty old. I nearly choked when I found that one out! She cost me almost a thousand dollars back then! (a fortune in my world).

I'm fantasizing about an affair with a computer geek again... and that's a real hoot! Most computer geeks are in their 20's or 30's... what would they want with a 60 year old anyway?

Oh, well... as it turns out with most things in life, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself anyway. Sigh! ha ha ha

Well, she deserves this scan I guess. I don't think I've run a full scan since about the year I got her. So what if I go back to bed and lay there scanning along with her? Nothing like togetherness! Me and my connection to my computer... I probably should see a shrink about this! ha ha

It's nearly 2:20 AM by my clock... I'll see ya'. I hope she enjoys her all niter with her new boyfriend Norton! She divorced McAffee and so did I.

618,254 ... and counting... I'm outa' here!
.. by the way, the published time of this post is an hour earlier b/c of technical difficulties! It really is 2:20 AM now! AND, praises to the Angles in the Heavens, she Norton just said goodnight! The scan just ended. Perfect timing... I was just going to abandon the both of them. The total was 635,000 and some change! PS-- no viruses; I already knew that there wouldn't be! They don't call me psychic for nothen'. Maybe now I can sleep....!!