Friday, February 27, 2009

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

[Image: The Star, SIRIUS]

When people contact me about my psychic class or email me from the web, they often begin their communication with a caveat. They tell me that they believe they are from somewhere else. In other words, not from Earth.

I have often wondered about the high percentage of communications that I receive that are like this. It's true that I'm more prone to receive this type of communication due to my profession. However, I have given this some thought.

First of all, as one begins to evolve in consciousness, there can be a sense of separation from "the consensus" which quite naturally leaves one feeling different. And one can also suddenly realize that this feeling of separation has always been present. If the call to evolve into an individuated state is strong (depending upon the person's evolution), there can develop a rather large distaste for the people of Earth. "I'm NOT one of THEM!" That's understandable; having just looked around with a new set of eyes, who would want to be identified as part of the human race! Just look at the atrocities we've subjected one another to over the centuries; its understandable. But it's a phase on the way from individuating to becoming more spiritualized.

Also, I think that sometimes certain souls are here to incorporate lessons in becoming part of society and to learn to merge with others. It can be a cop out to adopt and ET identity in that case which would be easy to do, especially for someone who watches a lot of Star Trek.

Other times, it can be an ego trip--looking for that "special identity", different from the norm. It doesn't take the intellect of a rocket scientist to understand whether there's an actual dysfunction occurring in the personality or not.

Secondly, as the consciousness expands, an individual can recall states of consciousness from prior lives or perhaps even between lives in which peace and harmony reigned. After all, who wouldn't want to remember that and desire to return to it?

But does all this mean we’re actually from another galaxy or star system? Maybe so—I don’t have all the answers. Maybe so.

I’ve been told that I’m from Sirius—that by a psychic teacher who interrupted a lecture in front of about 100 students to tell me so! He said that he couldn't carry on with the lecture he was presently giving until he communicated that. Apparently, someone was whispering in his ear and he was quite irritated about it. I just sat there overwhelmed and embarrassed.

Yet, this correlated with my experience. At that time of my life I was spending nearly every evening on my screened in back porch, sitting on a lawn chair looking at the night sky. I was intuiting that one particular glowing blue star was my home. I was having some difficulties in life at that time, and felt this overwhelming desire to return home to that star!

I spoke to no one about it and barely believed my own thoughts and longings at that time. Later, after the psychic teacher told me that I was from Sirius, I learned that the very star that I’d been calling my home in my private thoughts actually was Sirius.

So am I an ET and am I from some galaxy far, far away? I still don’t know the answer to that for certain. Have I wanted to identify home with someplace else rather than Earth? Yes. And I used to feel like I didn't quite fit in either, but have to admit that the more that I've developed a sense of belonging within myself, the less it bothers me. Will I ever identify with consensus level thinkers? I’m still trying, and it can be a struggle sometimes. Yet, I still have to integrate into society somehow no matter what galaxy or star system I may be from. After all, I have a purpose here. And so do you.

We're here for a reason and running around calling ourselves an ET really has no point, whether it’s true or not.
Yet, I have to admit that when a muggle asks me where I’m from, I still whisper to myself, “…from a galaxy far, far away”--or at least maybe from Sirius!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moon from Pisces to Aries & Dreemkeeper

The Moon moved from Pisces to Aries around 4 pm Eastern today. As it moved through Pisces over the past few days, I will have to note that I've felt unfocused--scattered. Now that the Moon has changed signs, maybe moods will shift.

In case this is the first post you're reading, I'm making a record of how the Moon, as it changes signs, affects moods. I didn't interact with too many people socially late today, so I can't tell how it's affecting others--thus, my own internal observations.

Yeah, I know--it's not such a big deal unless that Moon makes an aspect or connection to another point in the chart. And currently it's not. It's around 10:30 pm and I can't say that I notice much change since 4 pm. Pisces is like "no boundaries" and Aries is more outward, focused and fiery. I don't feel much fire--or an increase in passion or energy.

By about 6:45 pm Eastern tomorrow night, the Aries Moon will be conjunct Venus in Aries--in my case, in my 8th house.
Hmmm... it could be an interesting "date night"-- haha. That is, if I dated. (More laughter!)
It will be interesting to see what happens, mood-wise, tomorrow I guess--or NOT! ha ha

I can barely muster up enough interest about this tonight; so I don't imagine you care too much either dear reader. I don't blame you. I'm just trying to be consistant until the Moon moves through all the signs, at least once.

Anyway the Moon/Venus thing applies to everyone, not just me. Well, so much for that!
Moving right along....

I don't have much else to blog about today. However, I did happen to see a good movie last night--Dreamkeeper!
Here's the blurb:

Exploring the rich history and fascinating mythology of the Native American
people, this miniseries follows a young Native American
on a pilgrimage
to New Mexico with his grandfather. Reluctant to go and embracing life in the
present rather than the past, the boy soon finds himself regaled with a
succession of his grandfather's wondrous stories, each with a unique parallel to
the present. Includes audio commentary."

If you're interested in Native American customs, traditions and heritage, you'll probably like Dreamkeeper. I enjoyed it. Until next time...


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's Address Congress Tonight--An Astrological Opportune Time?

In the last blog post I wrote that the Sun and Moon conjunction would be Tuesday night the 24th around 9 pm Eastern Time.

That simply means that the Sun and Moon would be in very close alignment in the heavens at that time.

The meaning of a conjunction is the merging or blending of energy--in this case, the Sun and Moon.

I'd actually forgotten that 9 pm Eastern was the time of US President Obama's Address to Congress & the American people.

The Sun/Moon conjunction was nearly exact around 4pm Eastern.
But at 9 pm, there was only about a 2 degree separation--still a powerful conjunction!

His Sun and Moon were transiting through his 1st house at 9 pm--the house ruled by the fiery red planet Mars, also known as the passionate warrior. The 1st house is the house of "self"--personal identity. Any planets there infuse ones sense of identity, personality.
Clearly, the Sun and Moon here in this Mars-ruled house could be a definite benefit when giving a speech! (Sun & Moon in Pisces)

At 9 pm Jupiter and Mercury were making a conjunction too, with only 1 degree of separation. That's pretty tight. (Jupiter & Mercury in Aquarius)

His Jupiter/Mercury were transiting through his 12th house--the house of self-transcendence and higher levels of consciousness.

Look at all that energy and how it was merging!

Its true for all of us too, actually.

Sun and Moon as well as Jupiter and Mercury were conjunct in everyone's chart!

These 4 transiting points were blending in not only his consciousness (aka transiting chart), but in each of ours too! As above, so below.
Using a few brief keywords to add more flavor:
Sun -- purpose, light, will power, operational self-image
Moon-- emotion, ability to respond emotionally, sensitivity

Merging those two energies... what do you get? You tell me! Did you watch his address?

Mercury --left brain, intelligence, transmission of information, talking, teaching, communication
Jupiter--right brain, faith, vitality and confidence, belief, truth, lifting of spirits, optimism

Mercury and Jupiter shoulder to shoulder in the heavens!

Toss into the mixture of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter with large portion of Aquarius and Pisces which are the signs of freedom, change, liberation, and innovation (Aquarius) and universal consciousness itself (Pisces).

And since Aquarius rules the 11th house of community and Pisces rules the 12th house of higher levels of consciousness, toss in the keywords community & consciousness to the mixture.

Stir well. And what do you get?

Well, from me you get these questions:

  • Did Obama consult an astrologer to find out which was the most prestigious day to give this speech?
  • And if so, did he schedule this day and time in advance?
  • Or was this some sort of unintentional Diving Timing?

    By the way, President Regan consulted astrologers all the time, you know.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Moon Neptune Conjunction

Note: The astrological observations in this post apply for everyone. In this post, I'm discussing the current transiting planets--one moving planet in relation to the other. So the planets and signs will be the same for you too.

As above, so below....

This image, The Thinker, is sort of how I've felt tonight. I was working on helping to solve a problem for a family member today-- mental wheels were churning, and all that jazz. Once those wheels get churning for too long, it's harder to engage the brakes; but I managed.

That image is how a person looks after watching too much CNN.
Note to Self: No more CNN this week! You have officially overdosed!

Consulting my astrology software, I see that the Transiting Aquarius Moon has just crossed over Transiting Neptune here at 11:30 PM Eastern time Monday night.

It's probably no wonder I feel (Moon) a bit scattered (Neptune).
And in true Aquarian style (Moon & Neptune conjunction in Aquarius), I refused to do any work this evening. No studying and no nothing--just vegged on the sofa and watched TV feeling rebellious toward life! That's Aquarius--it wants to rebel, do things differently, be unusual and that kind of thing.

I was actually completely aware that I was rebelling against my normal routine tonight--rarely do I just veg out that way.
Get up Joy and clean the house or study astrology--do SOMETHING for heaven's sake! No!

Then again, those Neptune in Aquarius energies can manifest in many different ways--that's just how they affected me tonight. There's the whole chart to consider in order to be thorough--but I'm rebelling against that. I'm just looking at the Moon and the aspects.

Between now and 4 am the Transiting Aquarius Moon will cross over my descendant--a good time to be sleeping! Anytime a planet crosses over a sensitive point in the chart, its significant they say. The Moon is below the horizon, decreasing in light. Hey! that's sort of how I f-e-e-l right now... below the horizon and decreasing in light. Ha!

Yeah, I'm aware that this isn't an interesting post; but my Aquarian Moon doesn't care! (Sorry dear reader, but that's Aquarius for ya'.)

I'm thinking that I should correlate the Moon's phase with the sign. Okay, so I will. The Moon's current phase--waning crescent phase. Crescent is about going inward--that fits.

Continuing, the Moon will be completely dark in a few days... the dark side of the moon!

Maybe its generally a low energy time; certainly a "going inward" time when the moon is dark. Well, that's part of the purpose of this personal public journal--and that statement right there is pretty contrary itself: personal public. Ha! It's contradictory if nothing else! And my Aquarian Moody Moon really doesn't care!
Anyway, part of my purpose is to document for myself (for the purpose of self learning) how the Moon energy plays out in the different signs. So there's my justification for this crazy, uninteresting post!

So, take the waning crescent Moon and toss in the conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius, and to me that reads, "Tired, blurred, and confused with a tinge of contrariness" or something like that.

It works for me--that's about how I'm feeling. ha ha
A couple of posts ago I warned about this!
The Transiting Moon crossed over Mars during the night last night, around 2 am, and remained conjunct to Mars most of the day.

That Mars energy probably helped me remain active with the family member's problem solving. Mars is a bit passionate and sometimes aggressive too--and I have to admit that I felt that today along with the determination that is associated with Mars as well!

All these planets below are in Aquarius!
I told you this was coming... several posts ago, I told ya'! And at dinner time today, the Moon pulled away from Mars and snuggled up to Chiron--the wounded healer. I can relate to feeling (Moon) that Chiron energy around dinner time--the issue with my family member triggering my old wounds. It wasn't anything too dramatic--but I could feel it. Right around that same time it was also making that conjunction with Neptune--gosh, no wonder I was feeling a little bit rough right about then.

So, I'm getting the correlation here.

Around 8 am tomorrow the Moon moves into Pisces while it's still making the conjunction with Neptune. Tomorrow should be a dreamy day! Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune? What else could it be? Probably it'll be a great day to do readings--no boundaries!
Let the Spirit Games Begin!

But I digress. Moving back in time, around 9 pm tonight an exact Aquarian conjunction with Moon and Neptune occurred--that's about the time I was refusing to budge from the sofa!

By about 9 pm Eastern time tomorrow night (Wednesday 25th), the Moon will have pulled completely away from Neptune and be in an exact conjunction with the Sun--both in Pisces.
Moon and Sun conjunct in Pisces?
Sounds like more dreamy energy! Well, we'll see... I'm sure I will post more about it tomorrow as we move this Moon from Aquarius into Pisces and it hits the Sun. (Should be interesting--two luminaries in Pisces!)

So much for my Moon observations and correlations for one night... hope this made some sense on some level. But then again, with all that contrary Aquairan energy being activated, if I'm completely honest, there's a good part of me doesn't care if it makes sense or not!

And the beat goes on... tomorrow's another day, as they say. Meanwhile, the Neptune Moon conjunction should help me with my meditation tonight...
and I'm heading in that direction right now...
Om Mani Padme Hung! Om Mani Padme Hung!
Om Mani Padme Hung!
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha! Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!


And the OSCAR goes to... YOU!

I really had a "moment" catching the last of the Oscar's tonight after giving the psychic class. And I wanted to post this thought while its still fresh on my mind. I hope I can make a decent point here.

I'm pretty tired--giving those classes really take it out of me. The whole time my energy is buzzing briskly--talk about being on stage! Ha! Well, anyway, I'll try my best to convey a decent thought or two here if you'll stick with me. Here we go.

I think they were talking about the movie, "Doubt". No, the movie itself is not what I want to post about. It was what the man who was introducing the actor said when describing his performance. He said something interesting.

It went something like this. (I wish I had the direct quote.) Phillip Seymour Hoffman was being recognized for keeping us (the movie watcher) at the edge of our seats while resolving whatever dilemma the movie presents. There's always a deliemma--the movie would be no "fun" without one! ha!

Like most movies, not knowing how it will turn out--we movie goers rate those flicks the best kind and actors get credit for portraying life-like inner and outer anguishing struggles.

I was reminded how much we love movies that present difficult life dilemmas. But aren't our very own lives just as uncertain and filled with doubt--not to mention, excitement-- at times?

I have to say that this isn't the first time I've contemplated this very thing; yet, I thought it might make a good blog post.

Here's the thing. Most people never see their own personal lives as being filled with as much (or more!) of the same type of edge-of-your-seat drama that we love in movies. And rarely do they participate in their own life with as much enthusiasm or excitement. Why is that?

Instead, we try to escape from our lives--we escape by going to a movie. haha

And we escape in many other ways too--but that's a whole other topic.

But, OK, and I do it too; I love movies! I also recognize that movies represent a reprieve from my own life albeit temporarily. There's nothing wrong with that inherently.

The deeper thought that I'm blogging about here is this:
What if we could learn see the uncertainty of our own lives with as much appreciation as we do the movies?

We could, you know? Why do we love uncertainty in movies, yet detest it in our own lives?

Well, maybe you don't dear reader--maybe you have made peace with life's uncertainty.

Or better yet, maybe you participate in your life with just as much enthusiasm as any adventure in any movie that's out there! And if you do, I'll bet that you enjoy life a lot more than the average person.

Generally, I'd say most people try to create something better in life, just like our beloved movie characters are doing. They struggle with their decisions and don't really know for sure how it will really end up. And would it be as much -- dare I used the word "fun" -- if they did? Life, after all, is full of surprises! Any honest psychic should be able to agree with that one! ha ha

Besides, sometimes we get MORE than we hope for; pleasant results! Sometimes, however, we suffer disappointment; but learn something in the end. (There's nothing like a movie [or your own real life drama] that ends with a great lesson learned!) And sometimes we can't make up our minds what we're doing, because either we don't know what we really want or because we're fighting inner battles that hold us back. Oh, its all just like the movies! But most of us don't enjoy the drama of real life the way we enjoy drama in the movies.

My only thought, and I will repeat it again is: What if we could appreciate the uncertainty of our own lives the way we do when we watch a movie?

How will it turn out? Will the main character (you) achieve your goals? How will you overcome obstacles? Win your battles? Will you change your goals? Hold on to your dream? Win? Loose? or Survive?

I love Richard Bach's books. His book, Illusions, was one of the first books I read when re-awakening. That is, unless you count Johnathan Livingston Seagull. If you decide (maybe after reading this) to check out his book, be sure to check out his other one entitled One. I can't remember in which book it was, but the Master takes the student into a movie theatre and points out that our own life is a movie.... you are writing, directing and staring in it!

And so, the OSCAR goes to .... YOU!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aquarius! And a Dialogue on KARMA

Right about the time I made last night's post (a few minutes after 9 pm Eastern time), the Moon was moving into Aquarius. And that's where we are now--Aquarius. "This is the dawning of the.....", you know the rest. Okay! I'm suppressing that tune in my head now so that I can write this.

I have no idea how the Aquarian Moon will affect me today. I'm writing this at mid-day today. Until now, I've made blog posts at the end of the day. I will have to observe and correlate my mood today to learn about the Aquarian Moon.

I've heard "detached emotions" in connection with Aquarian Moon's--nobody that I know personally (family/friends) has a natal Moon in Aquarius. So, I will observe and correlate my Mood today and note it--either later on today, by making another journal entry at day's end, or in tomorrow's blog. That's Good Lord Willen' and the Creek Don't Rise, as they say.

Well, maybe that's Aquarius energy right there! Making this post at a different time of day--Aquarius, the rebel; doing things differently! haha

Tonight I give a little teaching for my Psychic Class students, as I've been doing monthly for a while now. I'm usually pretty wiped out by the end of those; so I may not blog again until tomorrow. Anyway--that's not my point. And honestly, that's a question that I ask myself a lot when I think or write. I say to myself, "And the point IS??? --WHAT EXACTLY????" Otherwise, what's the point? hahaha

I want to think about this Aquarian Moon again--mind is meandering that way now. Before doing that, and for the record--I wanted to celebrate life for a moment.

Just a comment right now on one of life's great pleasures (for me) these days: it's when I wake up in the morning, feeling a bit cold this time of year, and learn that the fire hasn't gone completely out overnight--Yay! (Starting a fire from scratch is at the bottom of the list right there along with cleaning the bathroom--it's got to be done, but I don't want to do it! I do it anyway.)

Anyway, last night the fire didn't go completely out and I was able kick-start it this morning--Ahhh, here's to life's simple pleasures! (As I raise my coffee cup in a toast to the good life!)

So the transiting Aquarian Moon--well, its going to hit the fan as the saying goes. That Moon will cross over a slew of inner and outer planets in the next few days--in everybody's chart!

"This week the Transiting Moon Hits a Slew of other Transiting Inner and Outer Planets, Including the Transiting North Node! Check Your Charts Folks, Check Your Charts!"

That'd be today's cry if I was the Town Crier. It should be an interesting few days to observe--the mood/the emotional body will be combining with quite a cast of characters!
And I want to record that list for myself here, just in case I want to check back on this quickly over the next few days. In order of conjunction, here's how it will go. The Transiting Moon will pass over:

  • North Node, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Chiron, Neptune

Then in my case, it will cross my Descendant having a conversation with my Natal Pallas as it does so--and that looks to be around midnight Tuesday night. Pallas--Defender of Truth! Pallas and my Moon doing a dance in Aquarius? Who knows what that may look like? But at midnight it happens, so how much trouble can I get into at that time of night anyway? hahaha

Then the Moon goes into Pisces where it runs into Transiting

  • Sun, MC, Uranus

That sounds like fun (NOT).

Then the Moon is crossing into my 8th on the 26th. It hits Transiting Venus next which transits my 8th on the 27th (Friday) making an exact conjunction around 7 pm--8th house. Venus can be about $$ and so can the 8th house. Anyway....

The Transiting Moon goes into Aries late in the day on the 26th, which is Thursday.

Note to self: check out the money situation Friday, the 27th, in the evening around 7 pm and how you're feeling emotionally about it; Moon conjunct Venus in Aries.

Okay, enough of that. I had something ELSE in mind to write about when I started this post. So much for the unintended detour. I told you--who knows where we'll end up?

Hang on a sec... I've got to get another cup of coffee! By the way, the weather man was right... it's snowing.

OK. What I really wanted to post about has to do with Karma. What brought this to mind was that I also awoke to something that is NOT one of life's pleasures this morning. I won't bore you with the details; but suffice it to say that there's potentially feelings of huge frustration around this.

Now, a while back in association with this, I began to wonder if it was karma. And you KNOW what they say about karmic things--if you freak out or create some sort of emotional drama, it only comes back until you resolve it peacefully within yourself. I don't think it means being a sap or a victim to life in any way. It's just--why get upset?

Aside from doing a number on yourself, what you resists persists. May as well make peace with it. What I'm talking about is a petty thing really and if I focus on it, I can make it a huge issue; we can all respond any way we want to life--free will.

But with these little frustrations of life (or even the big ones), IF we can look at it as life simply playing out the energy of something we may have set up for ourselves in the past which we have to experience in the future (now), that's simply karma--that view of it makes life a little easier to take.

One of the mind tricks I play on myself at the time of this frustration is to say to myself, "Well, okay Joy, maybe you've got some karma coming to you for some reason..."--maybe somewhere in the past (this life or another), I was 'unkind to one of the children of the Universe', quoting Steve Forrest. And just as karma always works, when it is ripe, it comes around--like a train nothing can stop, you know?

And then I continue to say to myself, "... if this minor frustration is all the bad karma you have to deal with, you're doing pretty good!" Then I instruct myself not to create further karma by calming down and just dealing with it in the most peaceful way possible.

The idea being that if I sent out anger to the universe in response, guess where it's coming back? To me! Where else does it have to go? I mean it will end up right back at me, see my point?

So, let's say that I've sent out anger in response to some karmic event playing out. It will most assuredly come back in the form of another event that (potentially can) create anger again, you see? Then I've got, yet another, karmic opportunity to deal with the situation. And this time I can deal with it emotionally from a place of acceptance, peace and love.

It doesn't no good to argue with life anyway. When you argue with life (what IS), you always loose. What is, is.

But the whole thing is that I don't think we can really know for sure if life's potentially dis-pleasurable situations or events or circumstances are always karmic--but just in case they are, why not try to see them that way?

So then, if karma has ripened and I've got things coming to me....and this is the worst that it gets, I can actually celebrate that! My favorite saying is, "It could always be worse", and that flips things internally. Do you know what I mean?

And in the process of my meandering mental motion on this whole karmic deal, I thought of my dad. And I had to laugh, because my Dad used to say, "Okay, maybe I've got that coming... " And I didn't realize (until just now) that my father used to say that a lot. Mostly in arguments with my mother he'd say that, but I do remember an occasion when he said that to me.

It was when I was a teenager and was being (as teenager's can be) disrespectful to him. And he said to me, "Okay, maybe I've got that coming..." and then he admitted his failings as a father, but then he added, "...but I'm still your father!"

The point being that it seems that my dad may have had some subconscious understanding of karma--he must have. Because, as I sit and think about it now, he seemed to say, "Maybe I had that coming...." enough times that I can remember it. He wasn't coming from a victim standpoint--Dad wasn't like that. Maybe it was more like a deep internal understanding of karma.

Anyway, I wrote too much today. No more mental musings here!

And now on with the show... life!


Saturday, February 21, 2009


The Moon is still in Cap. Good day for study I guess and I did some of that. What else? Astrology, of course!

My thoughts are meandering toward the weather. Not such a hot topic to write about--pardon the pun. People write about the weather when they have nothing more constructive to say. Maybe that's the deal right now.

Not too many deep thoughts today--surface stuff, about the economy. Well, who wants to go THERE, right? That's Capricorn flavoring my mood, I suppose.

I've got Cap on the cusp of my 6th; no planets there. But its the polarity point to Pluto. Well, I told ya'--I warned ya'! I've had astrology on my mind all day. PLUS I'm cold.

The fire (fireplace) isn't kicking out much heat tonight. I'm out of here; going to take a hot bath, get some hot tea and grab a book and crawl under my down comforter. Snow tomorrow... again! Or that's what the weather man says. Why not? I think the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter--its been a long, cold one this year. Well, that's Capricorn flavoring my mood again. Ha!

Okay, that's IT! Where's my astrology book... I'm grabbing it and shutting down my computer.

See ya' ~ Joy

Friday, February 20, 2009


It's Friday..... and I've got to attend one class Saturday and teach a class on Sunday... so much for my weekend.

Today I was thinking.... I should use this journal to denote my mood with the Moon's changing sign. Every few days its in a new sign and I've been meaning to correlate my mood and emotion (Moon energy) to the current sign and see what I can learn. So, I just decided that I'll do that here!

The moon is in CAPRICORN now/today and ... its ruled by Saturn; and amongst its many archetypes, one of those is work...nose to the grindstone kind of work. I worked on something for my daughter most of the day today which was very task oriented. I think it fits with Capricorn & the goat... tenacity. Detail oriented nose to the grindstone work...that's what today was. I kept searching for things online for her and almost couldn't stop. I was on a mission. That sure enough sounds like Capricorn energy! This work I did had (very much) to do with society or the rules (Saturn) of society--definitely that was the theme! Kewl-! I get it. That's how it played out for me today anyhow.
So much for that, and moving right along here....

Aside from that, I was thinking about ... well, different traditions. My job here (on Earth), amongst many, (or the way I see my job description to be anyway) is to point out the common thread that runs through all religions and all philosophy. Not that I need convince or convert (no way!), but to just bring that forth as part of what I generally do here--more like holding that vibration. Know what I mean by that? Our vibration can affect consciousness generally, that's what I mean.

Anyway, I know that Hindu characters can be strange looking. You know, 4 or more arms and that kind of thing...but I've grown to have a real affinity for them. I can hold them right up to any other Deity and really not see the difference. And those 4 arms have a unique meaning as well as every other part of the Deity's anatomy and dress, etc.

Take Ganesh for example--the Hindu god known to help with removing obstacles in one's life. There's a whole story about him which I won't go into; but, I can see how patriarchy took symbols associated with this ancient religion (and others) and flipped them or distorted them into meaning something else.

Well, to be absolutely blunt--into something evil. For example, Ganesh holds what appears to be a pitchfork and he has that same symbol on his forehead many times when you see his image.

And actually, that's the same shape as the symbol for the planet Neptune, known on a higher archetype level as the spiritual planet or higher consciousness. Anyway, how did it happen that symbols from ancient religions (much older than christianity!) became distorted by patriarchal religions? Hinduism is much older than christianity... did I mention that? Oh, yeah, twice now. How/why did the patriarchy take a sacred Hindu symbol and turn it into something associated with evil? (Three guesses!) Taking a class on World Religion or a World Civilization class can be a real eye opener. For a crash course, see the DVD series MYTHOS by JOSEPH CAMPBELL.

A wonderful example of all the distortions from patriarchal religion via symbols is exhibited in the first few moments of the movie, The DaVinci Code. (A very interesting flick!)

But, you know, I really do get it. If all you've been exposed to is baby jesus, et al; then I grant you that a Hindu god or goddess with 4 arms can freak you out a little bit and toss in something that looks like a pitchfork and the patriarchy's intention has been fulfilled! But without personal investigation (that goes beyond a western patriarchal upbringing), one is left in that little box so-to-speak. Actually, these Hindu Deities aren't intimidating at all. They only represent aspects of our own consciousness after all.

I have a hard time with outright rejection without personal investigation-- I'm working on acceptance on that level, always. But I understand it--if your sense of security is all wrapped up in your belief, anything different can challenge that; thus, the fear and outright rejection. Such is life on planet earth.

Reminds me of a preacher I met around here one day (at the time of the conversation I didn't know he was a baptist preacher) and we got around to religion--as most preachers will do eventually if you give them enough time. And he started to ... well, preach. And I mentioned Buddhism in the conversation. He said, "Oh, those people are heathens. They worship stone statues and cows." When I asked him if he'd ever personally investigated what Buddhism is really all about his reply was that he knew "jesus christ our lord and savior and that's all he needed to know!" Sad really, or so I think; such a narrow view of others they have. Wow, I just sounded like Yoda from Star Wars there for a minute, talking like Yoda I was. ha ha

Of course in the Buddhism the philosophy, it is more involved with the idea that we save ourselves by understanding the nature of reality and establishing true awareness---Buddha was not a savior. But in common with other philosophies and religion, there is kindness and love (or should be, eh?) and I try to focus on that instead. And then, like I said--hold the vibration of the recognition of the common tread that runs through them all.

I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll in that way... I can rock and roll with any of the philosophies. Well, anyway I don't know how I got into all that-- on religion. Maybe I'm more like that baptist preacher than I think I am! hahaha

I just finished my daily Hindu mantras before I wrote this blog entry, but then I also do Buddhist Mantras too and a (catholic) rosary as well.... so that's just how I do it. Eclectic. Is that how you spell that? I was brought up catholic and some things just stick with us.... the beautiful ritualistic parts. After all, saying 50 Hail Mary's and the all the rest--is just as much a chant as any of the others.

Well, I've got 2 DVD's waiting for me to watch; so, I'll see ya' next time dear reader.

I've been on this computer enough today!

I'm going to watch the last of the DVD series called, "God, Man and ET". Quite enjoyable... lots of astronomy and views about intelligent design as well as that strange face they found on Mars.

After that, I've got Carl Sagan's COSMOS series coming in.... and life rolls on. Or rocks on, or both.

Well, that's all the meandering mental motion that I've got in me for today! Until next time.....remember, all is well (no matter how we judge it to be otherwise).


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opening the Page

Well, this is the start of who knows what? Probably me talking to myself!
But who knows? Spirit Guides or the like may pop in during these blog posts; they're certainly welcome.
See the picture? That's what I should be doing instead of creating a blog and posting on it. Either that or I should be exercising!
(Guilt arises!)
I did some astrology work for someone recently and was sent a link to his blog and when I got there, I thought, Oh, what the heck; maybe I'll create one too! I tried this before but became frustrated because it seemed too complicated at the time.
But now? Not so difficult... probably that's an indication of how my computer frustration level has lessened since way back when.
I spent quite a few hours on a chart today; piecing it together, finding the theme--Note to Staff: I've got to get faster at this!
(Sometimes I call my spirit helpers my staff! They have a sense of humor; really they do.)
So I'm making a post for whatever it's worth. Actually, I can suddenly see how blogging would be a good way to kind-of center, perhaps focus the thoughts.
Yet, I really don't expect to do much of that with a blog entitled "Meandering Mental Motion"! haha I intend to keep faithful to that title.
I'm debating whether or not to link this thing to my website.... I don't want to meander myself into projecting an image of someone who is .... well, the heck with it. Everyone else is doing it these days!
I have more serious pursuits in life and I want this one (if I keep at this blog) to be freeflowing and fun.
I do enough teaching with my work and in the psychic classes... this meandering blog path might end up being some form of therapy for me. ha ha
But I don't mind sharing it with you dear reader. Actually, who knows if anyone will ever read it anyway. I wouldn't blame anyone for that!
Today everyone is so busy and worried about the economy... who wants to read what a crazy psychic writes when she's allowing her mind to meander? And now I'm about to meander into a confession.
Confession is good for the Soul they say. Here it is: I don't take proper care of my body.
I'm too mental sometimes; either that or I'm out in spirit world somewhere.
Between teaching psychic development and studying astrology and doing psychic readings--I can get too into it. You know, involved mentally.
And then before you know it, the day is over and I realize I didn't do my workout and hardly drank enough water and what the heck did I shove into my mouth during the day?
(Hurry... go into the kitchen and grab something, anything to put out the fire of hunger so you can get back to doing what you're doing!)
That's my confession. I forget I have a body. Or sometimes I'd like to forget! And that's not good and I need to try harder. I berate myself at the end of the day when I get like this...but actually not for too long. I quickly replace it with self forgiveness and a vow to do better tomorrow.
Heck sometimes I even forget to do my daily meditation until 2 am.... and that's not good either. But to my credit (patting myself on the back here), that's one area where I AM consistent.
Well, so much for true confessions. Blogging this is bringing it all out to my awareness for clarity and review. I've got to do better, that's all!
This is enough talking to myself! Spirit Guides, do you have a word to say? Hmmm.... I'm listening, waiting.... haha Well, I'm hearing them say the words, "well rounded". I don't know if they're describing my backside or if they are encouraging me to be well rounded in my daily activities. Probably a little of both... they do talk in parables like that... haha... that's one thing about my spirit guides, they love to go for those double meanings!
Anyway....I'm out of here for now....