Monday, March 23, 2009

PISCES MOON -Tues & Wedns 24th, 25th


Moon Enters Pisces Monday 3/23/09
5:08 PM (EDT)

Moon Exits Pisces Thursday 3/26/09
1:02 AM (EDT)

The Moon entered Pisces a few hours ago... about dinner time today, Monday. I was in meditation around that time...Meditation is a natural Pisces thing. The mind becoming aware of itself--that's Pisces all over.

And actually I turned to meditation because I needed to re-balance--the transiting Sun squared transiting Pluto today.
Squares... vexing energy!

My Sun (light) was vexed by the power (Pluto) of a chain saw today. The landlord's nephew drastically trimmed the 4 maple trees surrounding the house here. It was traumatic for me, as it always is when these things happen. Trees are my friends and... well, don't get me started. Best to leave that dialogue alone.

Actually I mention this to make a point. The Moon is only one planet (well, it's not really a planet, officially, but most astrologers call it that for simplicity purposes) ... one planet of many. Each planet has an effect and as planets (including the Moon & Sun which are not planets) make aspects to one another they trigger natal signatures. The point is that allot can be going on in a chart and the Moon's effects are only one of many that are possible. I think today transiting Sun square transiting Pluto trumped the effects of the Moon... or maybe we could say it intensified it.

Well, I'd better stick to the point. The Pisces Moon. This sums it up:

...we are luminous beings. We are
perceivers. We are an awareness; we are
not objects; we have no solidity. We are

--don Juan Matus, quoted by
Carlos Castaneda

That describes Pisces... no boundaries. With Pisces its hard to know where we end and the next person starts... the Pisces Ocean. It’s the liquid, flowing symbol of the unutterable mystery that binds us all together.

And with Pisces Moon typically we would feel not only our own emotions but everyone else's too.

This is especially true if you are sensitive by nature in the first place.

Pisces is the symbol of consciousness itself.

Traditionally, Pisces is associated with mysticism and spirituality... blend that with the sensitive Moon, and stir well and what would we get? I'll let you ponder that one for a moment while we continue.

Pisces likes "realizations" and so a Pisces Moon may help you with understandings gained by observing your emotions. Pisces is like ... well instead of observing the world; Pisces observes the mind observing the world. That should give you a good feel for Pisces. It’s about objectivity evaporating leaving nothing but reactions.

A bit esoteric so far, right? Well, what can I say? That's me doing my dance with the Pisces Moon! Empty. Formless. Peaceful.

With a Moon in Pisces, inward attention and less fixation on the outer world of form would be easy, natural.

What would a Moon in Pisces be hungry for?
A change in the way you normally look at and experience the world... Pisces likes dreamy worlds and likes to use imagination. Pisces likes to escape there, escaping from the objective world. This gives comfort to the hungry Pisces Moon... anything to escape.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, embodying all of them and so we could see a full scale of emotional expression... and the ebb and flow of ever-changing emotion too.

Think: Ocean and waves breaking!

With a Moon in Pisces, you (and others) could feel very sensitive, creative, empathic, and imaginative.
If you are highly sensitive by nature, you could feel emotionally overwhelmed (picking up on everyone else's emotions--not knowing for sure which are yours and which belong to the guy next to you)-- or you could feel melancholy to some extent.

How do you work with the energy of the Pisces Moon?

Take advantage of Tuesday and Wednesday--good days to meditate or work on creative and imaginative projects. If you are trying to understand another person in your life, use this time frame to try to tune into other people in order to get a feel for what's going on with them emotionally. Just be sure it’s not you’re your own emotion your feeling--if you know your own emotional body well, you should be OK. Beyond that, be patient with the dreamy emotional nature and tendencies to go inward which you or others may be experiencing. If people want to escape emotionally, or you do yourself--now you will know why.

There you go! Those were a few thoughts and tips for the Pisces Moon--maybe you can think of a few more?

I will post again after the Pisces Moon about the effects that I noticed.
So, more later....
It's Later... Thursday in fact and the Moon has now moved out of Pisces. I must say, this is the first time I've personally noticed and correlated the Moon's signs as it changes; so I'm learning something here. I wonder if I've felt this way every time the Moon's been in Pisces. What way? Well, sort of lost... or maybe spacey would be another word to describe it. Extremely sensitive are other words. Essentially, the feeling was something like not feeling very certain and not feeling my feet on the ground. Okay--ungrounded. I have to toss in a tinge of melancholy too. As I write this post, the Moon is in Aries. I feel much more grounded.
How about you? Did you notice any change in how you felt when the Moon was in Pisces?