Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MOON moves into ARIES in the wee hours of the morning, Thursday

Moon in Aries Thursday and Friday (March 26th & 27th)

The Aries Moon begins Thursday Morning, the 26th, just after midnight.
What makes us emotionally comfortable and secure when the Moon is in Aries?
Aries is about initiation, beginnings. It is the first sign of the zodiac so the theme of freshness and newness is likely. This will likely be the evident atmosphere Thursday and Friday.

Emotionally, we may feel like initiating something new. That would satisfy the Aries Moon, especially after coming off the Moon in Pisces where the emotional tendency may have been more inward, maybe even tinged with some melancholy. But as we move into Thursday and Friday, our emotional bodies may be affected by the Aries Moon in such a way that we want to take charge of our mental state.

Aries (ruled by Mars) likes action--it’s a fire sign and is associated with the archetype of the warrior and is known, many times, as the "life force". Think "Ram" and charging... fierce.

Chances are we will not be emotionally intimidated by others when the Moon is in Aries and we may even feel a tendency to "lock horns" with others. Aries can be explosive, but it is also about courage and leadership. The Aries tendency is sort of like "Move over, I'll take charge!"

At least as it applies to the general mood Thursday and Friday, this type of response from others or from within yourself may be likely-- that's what the hungry Moon in Aries needs to feel secure and happy. It wants to take charge!
Of course, the problem is that not everyone can take charge at once; some people may move more toward the Libra side of the Libra/Aries axis as our Aries energy bumps into other people's Mars-like energy. More on this polarity later in this post.

We may find that we (or others) demonstrate a certain level of emotional courage that may not be as strong as when the Moon is in some of the other signs. Sometimes Aries can be a bit selfish, but sometimes we need to be. And when the Moon is in Aries it will be much easier for us to step into that selfish persona if it is needed.

We may feel like being very outward and external with the Moon in Aries, whereas when the Moon was in Pisces, our tendency was to be generally more inward. With Mars-like Arian energy, we may have a tendency to tell other people exactly how we feel. Aries is also the sign of war; therefore, it would be a good time to be aware of that and if you do go to battle pick your battle well. Otherwise curbing the natural emotional volatility of this Moon may be more appropriate.

Aries rules the 1st house of personal identity and so it might trigger emotional issues in that area as well. Leadership is another Aries archetype and you may find yourself (and/or others) demonstrating an emotional attachment to being out front, leading the pack, in any group activity. The fight or flight response may be evident as well... the Aries polarity is Libra. And Libra would (many times) rather do the flight rather than fight. With any sign of the zodiac, it's always good to take in both sides of the axis. Aries/Libra axis: think fight or flight.

People may be generally aloof when the Moon moves through Aries... this is because Aries does not like being attached emotionally and will do most anything (including provoking conflict) in order to maintain freedom and independence from what it feels may be a susceptible sensitive attachment.

A side note: Moon conjunct retrograde Venus

This Moon will be conjunct retrograde Venus on Thursday the 26th at exactly 2 PM.
You may want to glance at your watch and note what's happening at that time... this conjunction could bring up past emotional issues with relationships or money (since Venus rules both Libra and Taurus).


These little Moon weather reports, we have to remember, are general--like most other weather reports. When the weather man predicts rain, it could be raining in your city or on your block; yet, the Sun is shining less than a mile away at the very same time.

Other factors come into play and sometimes there's a break in the clouds.
And sometimes you (or others) have personal planetary transits or progressions that are much more powerful than the Moon's influence--in which case, there may be a tornado at a time when mild weather was predicted. Such as it is with weather!

Yet, I really like taking a look at the Moon's influence--even if it is very fast moving and sometimes mild. Some people are more tuned into their own emotions and the emotions of others and then there are those that are completely blocked on that level.

And then there are others still who want to white light everything and ignore the emotional body completely. My "take on it" is this: why not understand it and work with it? Planetary energy does have an influence--as above, so below. Since we're on the earth with other humans, may as well be part of it at least on the level of understanding human nature.

You will either find this information interesting and helpful or you won't.
Like the weather, some people don't care about it, barely notice it and just keep on moving.
That is, until a storm comes. Then they stand back and wonder what's going on. It's the same thing with astrology I think.

I've always wondered about changing emotions

It was back in the late 70's or early 80's that I really began to take notice of these things.
I remember that particular day of inquiry very well. I realized that nothing externally in my life had changed from one day to the next; in other words, the outer world was the same on that day as it was on the day before. Yet my mood was completely different.

My thought was, "Yesterday I felt so happy and bubbly (for no particular reason) and today I feel sad (for no particular reason). What's up with that? What changed? And what accounts for this?"

Then I learned thoughts can create or affect emotions--what a revelation!
Change your thoughts and change your mood!
Mother never taught me that---she didn't know it herself, and as far as I can tell she still doesn't.

However, I struggled with the concept for a while. And then I thought it should be flipped around.

My mood creates my thoughts--no, that wasn't quite right either.
These days I have more understanding. It involves the added awareness gleaned from the changing Moon!

It can be complicated, but I've long known that I came here to MASTER MY EMOTIONS or that's one of the reasons. I don't mind contemplating all this for that reason. Besides, I've got allot of planets in Libra so I can deal with paradox without a problem.

Okay! The Moon will move out of Aries around 5 am Saturday morning (EDT).
So by the time most people wake up on Saturday, the Moon moves into Taurus--a more inward sign and the focus will generally be on issues of security and that type of thing.

Meanwhile, have fun with the Aries Moon and use it to initiate, lead and improve your personal identity... but be aware that other people will be on this same wave length too. Maybe you can use this knowledge to help them out a little?

That's it for now... I will add to this post later noting the Aries' effects in my own life.
ADDENDUM: It's now later and as I add to this post the Moon is well into Taurus and the Aries Moon is just a memory. I felt much better after the Moon moved out of Pisces... the Aries Moon had me feeling more grounded. As far as initiating new things, I initiated a new exercise in the psychic class. And I guess you could say I felt a more emotional (Moon) courage (Aries). I extended myself in a few ways that are hardly significant enough to mention, so I won't. I didn't have to lock any ram horns with anyone; but I probably could have handled it if I needed to.
Anyway, that's about all I can think of about how I can correlate with the Aries Moon.
How'd you do with it?