Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are you being called to become a psychic? Or a...?

TODAY'S THOUGHT: You wouldn't have the desire (to become... you fill in the blank) in the first place, if the desire wasn't possible to be fulfilled!
The sooner we get ourselves in harmony with the desire, the better!

I'm now calling myself "A Published Writer" as I take advice from a book that I'm reading about writing. Why not? What we declare is true, is! I've not published a thing yet, unless you count what's written on this blog and my website! But never mind that, in my own mind, I'm now calling myself a published writer.

Eventually, the outer world always aligns with the inner--this is what I firmly believe. The more we declare that we are "a writer", "a psychic", "a healer", the more the subconscious mind incorporates it and begins to create those circumstances which validate it! This is my truth anyway--maybe you'd agree?

The next step, the most logical one, is to begin to take actions which are in alignment with that declaration. Let's just take a declaration that goes this way: I am psychic! The more you affirm that (even if you don't believe it right off the bat--fake it until you make it), the more life will align itself to make that statement an obvious truth!

Of course, the fact is that we're all writers, healers and psychics--we just have to incorporate the belief on a deep core level and make some conscious efforts in those directions. Then, more and more, we fully realize (with the evidence to back it up!) the truth of those declarations. So far anyway, this is how I've seen that life works.

As we cherish that belief and step into the role by taking action in those areas, the easier it becomes to write or heal or be psychic (or whatever it is!) with each passing day! Then before we know it, we've taken on the role completely and begun to fully live that new identity.

This theory has some limits I suppose based on what the physical body and belief system can handle--the more reasonable the goal, however, the better our chances of creating that identity. We can start small and grow big with our goals!

Well, these are a few thoughts on a breezy, beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Have you thought to change your identity or better said, add to your identity? I am a writer! Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it--I am a writer! A published writer!
I've added that to my cosmic job description--and it must be that it is part of my job description, since I have this desire in the first place. I wouldn't have the desire to begin with if it wasn't supposed to be fulfilled! The sooner I get myself in harmony with it, the better!

So, what's your desire?

What new role is your Spirit you calling you to


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Needs Are Met Before We Know We Have Them

I have a few thoughts tonight that I figured that I'd put "out there" into cyberspace. Maybe this will be encouraging for someone. Once upon a time (in a galaxy far, far away.... NO-oops! that's another story!) one of my teachers said that she passed out and went to "the light". She went somewhere while she was unconscious from which she had a bird's eye view of life. She oh so convincingly told this story and I believe her. I won't go into too much detail--let me just give you the bottom line. She said that she could see (and she was amazed by this and told us with a certain type of awe in her voice which enchanted us all!) that everyone's needs are already being met, before the need is even known to them! She could clearly see it, she said.

At that time in my life it was something that really had a tremendously positive effect on me. I was going through a pretty wild transition and initiation. Anyway, I walked around for days repeating to myself, in amazement, that our needs are already being met before we even know we have the need! I was completely enthralled by the idea and it gave me a tremendous amount of peace and hope, just thinking about it.

Since then, I've seen the evidence of it working in my life, time and time again. Big things, small things and all kinds of things happen in exactly that way. Its like, "somebody up there knows something and is watching out for me"--know what I mean? And anyway, since that time I began to be more in harmony with this whole concept. And by the way, you're being watched-out-for too!

I'm short on time tonight, but I really want to give a few small examples--fresh on my mind which stimulated me to make this post. These few things that I'm about to share with you happened recently, reminding me of this truth.
These particular occurrences are not such a big deal in the grand scheme of life--they are just perfect little illustrations is all. You see, I was packing up a box for my daughter this evening, remembering what happened yesterday. I was mailing some things at the post office yesterday and almost hypnotically I found myself walking toward the postal tape picking it up to purchase. I argued slightly with my trance-like gesture; it's probably cheaper at the Dollar Store, I thought. But I've learned to trust myself when the feeling comes over me that way. I was out of tape, but had nothing that needed to be mailed; so why buy it now? Bottom line: I bought it not knowing why this, why there, why now.

Since yesterday, I learned my daughter needs some clothes for her new job--in fact, it wasn't until late today that I learned about it. Immediately I thought of the dresses and other clothing that are just sitting in my closet which she could use. Tonight, I sorted things out, made a few piles of clothing, located a few boxes in the garage and packed them inside. Then I realized why I bought that packing tape yesterday! I was glad I got it because I want to mail the boxes out first thing tomorrow morning.

Now I grant you---that's really such a little thing; but that sort of phenomenon happens to me all the time, quite proving that needs are met before we even know we they have them. I've made a habit of observing my life a good deal , and note synchronicities like that with a big smile and lots of gratitude.

I had no intention of going to the Dollar Store yesterday--I was in the post office and so was that tape accompanied by the hypnotic desire to buy it--it all came together. I got that tape yesterday because I was going to need it tonight, even though I didn't know I was going to need it.

Again, its a small and perhaps silly example; but here's another one, perhaps just as trivial, but it goes to the same point. While opening a package that a book arrived in yesterday, there was a piece of cardboard backing included. I usually keep things like that to use when I start a fire in the fireplace in the winter; I have a big basket that I toss that sort of thing in. I started to toss it in there out of habit, and then thought to myself that there aren't going to be anymore fires now--its getting warm, no need to build anymore fires. So I began to put it in the trash since I was going to the dump right afterwards. (We have to haul our own trash to the dump around here in the mountains where I live.)

Something stopped me in my tracks and the thought came that I may need it--again, a need was being met before I even knew I had it! Why do I say that? As I was packing up the 2nd box this evening, there was a gap where the flaps met. I needed something to fill in the space.... Right! I thought, That's why I kept that piece of cardboard yesterday instead of tossing it out!

I won't bore you with any more examples, but suffice it to say that it works this way with me and money too--I somehow manage to have a few extra dollars ahead of the time that I need it for a purchase that I don't know I want to make! Many times its the exact dollar amount that I need for either an unexpected expense or a desire that doesn't arise until later. When the exact dollar amount that I need arrives ahead of time, it's like a wink and a nod from the universe.
I do love the way the universe works in this way! It's such an amazing validation that there is a divine intelligence working in harmony with our lives.

It works this way for you too! I really think that the more you believe it and the more you pay attention to it, the better it works!

It's off to bed for me now.... I hope this little post helped to encourage someone.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Life Question & Divination via Synchronicity

When we have one of those BIG LIFE QUESTIONS, it helps to begin collecting information gleaned from more than one source.

I'd think that many of us would do that. We may start by asking our friends their opinions, perhaps even turn to a parent or someone else (hopefully older and wiser) that we trust to see what they think about our plans or decisions. All of that is fine, and well and good.

But what if we want to know if that big decision that we're about to make is in alignment with our soul's purpose? And more importantly for the good of all concerned. What if we wanted to seek answers from (waht could be called) a higher authority? What if we wanted to ask our higher self or seek the wisdom of same universal intelligence that causes the stars to come out at night and the sun to rise in the morning? Well, you get the idea, right?

I wish I would have known 15 years ago what I know now; but at the time I did the best I could. I turned to several psychics for readings. And I also asked for some intuitive impressions from my fellow psychic development classmates at the time. This decision was going to affect not only my own life, but the life of my youngest daughter. I didn't know any other way to seek higher guidance at the time in my life. And so I did the only thing I knew how to do.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with turning to psychics. In fact, it
was quite validating because I kept getting the same answer--I trusted (with
fingers crossed--so, mostly trusted) the guidance I received, applied
the information, and made the decision. I'm pretty certain, looking back well
over 15 years now, that it was the right one. But getting a psychic reading is only one form of divination--BIG DECISIONS really deserve more of our own personal intuitive involvement.

Synchronicity is a term originally created by Carl Jung to describe the meaningful coincidences that occur in one's life and this is an awesome source of spiritual guidance--highly underestimated.

When we toss out a question to the universe by simply asking it telepathically
and really (with a deep heartfelt emotion) want that answer; it does
come. We just have to remember not to be picky about how the answer is
given and be awake and aware enough to recognize it in it's many forms.

I'm having to giggle here for a moment remembering something from earlier today--xcuse me! I'll let you in on it... I don't think my sister will mind. She called me from work to ask my opinion about a letter that she was writing to someone. Obviously, she had some mis-givings or doubt about it in the first place or she wouldn't have asked my opinion. (She's pretty self-assured most of the time.) Anyway, she starts reading me the letter and then groans a bit and says, "Ouch! I did it again. I've been doing that allot for the past few hours!" I asked her what she was talking about. She replied, "I keep biting my tongue!" As she began to read me the letter, I could see the connection (even if she didn't). I pointed it out--is the universe maybe trying to tell you to bite your tongue (an expression meaning: to keep quiet) about this letter? After she decided not to send the letter, we talked a while longer. She said that she realized after she decided not to send the letter, she'd quit biting her own tongue when she talked. In this case, the universe wouldn't have to send her repeating messages--she got it the first time (with my help pointing out the obvious). Usually, we look for repeating events or circumstances when using synchronicity as a divination tool however.

Anyway, I digress.... back to that BIG LIFE DECISION from 15 years ago. It would have given me more comfort if I'd also worked with some other divination tools on my own and correlated those with the psychic readings that I received. Other divination tools that I could have used myself (had I known about them at the time) such as:

  • Visions or messages received during our MEDITATION

  • Observing dreams; asking for a dream insight

  • Observing synchronicities; repeating patterns in life (see movie Celestine Prophecies)

  • I-Ching coins or sticks; you know, the hexagram from The Book of Change

  • Tarot or Angel Cards

  • Runes

  • Astrology

... things like that. Had I consulted some additional forms of divination on my own, I then would have been tuning into my own intuition and correlating that with the psychic readings which would have been more validating and comforting.

We usually have time to consult various other divination tools and observe sychronistic messages when we're making big life decisions; we usually don't make those kinds of decisions overnight anyway. It helps to journal these things; seeing it all in black and white (or whatever color font or pen you use :) can correlate all the information quite nicely for you.

Its also much more empowering when we consult our own personal divination
ability. That's not to say that receiving a psychic reading from someone
else is dis-empowering; it's just one added tool in the tool

Help is available; we just have to be wise enough and discerning enough to turn to it, recognize it, and then the MOST IMPORTANT PART--apply it. What good is the information we receive if we don't apply it? (You'd be surprised by how many people don't--based on my own experience as a psychic advisor.)

Anyway, this could end up being a whole book... but its all I have time for today. I know this isn't fully inclusive and probably pretty incomplete; I wrote this in a bit of a rush. However, I hope this post has given someone who really needs it right now, enough food for thought if they're on the threshhold of making a big life decision! Don't underestimate synchronistic occurances and messages.


Joy Star

Monday, May 18, 2009

Participating Fully With Life

I asked, and then I heard...

Life happens NOW, not before, not after, not sooner, not later, not in the past, not in the future.... your life is happening RIGHT NOW. Are you fully participating in it?
In this moment? Are you?
This is your chance to do so NOW...

I had just intentionally opened up to guidance and insight a second before that and then...
The insight came.
Instant awareness.

The realization came that I was NOT fully participating with life in that moment.
My mind was elsewhere.
I made a shift through intention and began to notice the late spring, early summer breeze entering the kitchen window where I stood.
Suddenly, I looked at my surroundings in a completely different way; I was standing in a magical sort of presence...
I'm HERE, I thought, I'm HERE.

And in that instant a joy and peace permeated my existence. I realized that there isn't a single thing in the world to worry about, as long as I was fully participating in my life.

Why so? I can't say that I can put words to it, but there it was nonetheless--the realization--the sense that everything was working, like clockwork, in perfect order.
Everything is as it should be right now, this moment.

As that mental re-alignment happened, and I had to resist the urge to do something like a cartwheel or a leap of joy.

I had an overwhelming urge to go outside and just PARTICIPATE with the life that surrounded me--those elements of life that suddenly became alive, dancing in harmony... the breeze, the trees, even the cars whizzing by the highway out front.

There was the overwhelming urge to just go out the door and be a part of it!
No worries,
no 'issues',
no 'what if's'...
...everything in perfect divine order--that's exactly how it REALLY IS, I thought. I knew!

I can be a part of it!
I AM a part of it!

This I do again and again, over and over--its not the first time. But, I admit its been a while since I experienced a moment in exactly that way....
I don't need to "get a life", I just need to fully participate in the one I have! I need to remember this... to live this!

Welcome Home, were the words ringing in my mind and heart in unison, Welcome Home.

Bottom Line:

Stay in the Now
Be Fully Present

Ears open
Eyes open

Here is peace...
Truth emerges!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Subconscious Mind & Psychic Results

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. We affect our subconscious mind by verbal repetition. This is why when we want to affect change in our life, we have to repeat, repeat and repeat some more!

If we want to dream an answer or solution to a problem, even if we want just some insight or added information, we have to tell the subconscious mind over and over before we go to sleep at night.

I sense that this is because the subconscious mind needs to be awakened via that repetition, otherwise it doesn't pay all that much attention to the litany of single thoughts that drift, meander or wander through the consciousness day in and day out.

Its almost like the subconscious mind part of us needs that kind of convincing or it doesn't take us seriously. If we make our intention clearly known in this way, however, it seems to work out better.

If we want our intuition to be fully functioning, we have to repeat that statement over and over--and not only that, we have to believe it is possible!

Toss in a lot of heartfelt emotion and mix well, all the while keep repeating it--that's a winning combination.

I almost have the sense of it being like this: it's sort of like hammering
a post into the ground with a sledge hammer! Do you think that this
is where we arrive at the phrase "hammering it in" when it refers
to learning things?

Whatever we want to accomplish, we have to impress the subconscious mind with regard to that desire; otherwise it may not take notice. And even if it does take notice, unless we give it the directive over an over, it may not take us seriously.
No mental doubt can come into the process, not a single one!
As the saying goes, "You cannot afford the luxury of a single doubt" when you are truly trying to accomplish something in life!

I think this is especially true in the psychic realms or in metaphysical areas and many times it's importance is overlooked or under-estimated.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Sadness & Disillusionment Comes, Lean On ME!

I received a little message today from The Universe... in my email as a matter of fact, courtesy of Mike Dooley (of The Secret fame) and author of the book Notes From The Universe.

I like getting little daily messages; I've signed up for a number of them. Today's little message from the Universe was particularly suitable for my life. It read:

The more you lean on me, Joy, the stronger we become.

The stronger we become, the bigger we dream, the higher we fly, the bluer the sky, and the happier we dance.
Lean on me,

The Universe

I really understand today's message! Or at least I think I do. Lately, there have been a few disappointments; but I know disappointments are a result of attachments. Anytime I've been disappointed, the realization comes to me (quicker these days) that if I wasn't attached to a desire in some way, there would be no disappointment in the first place!

We all have times in life when we've felt misunderstood or when other folks arbitrarily decided who we are, but don't really have the first real clue. Nobody can see us the way we truly are; I've come to believe that's really impossible. My greatest sorrow has come from being completely misunderstood by others--I suppose it triggers those old soul wounds that I'm here to clear and heal. Sometimes we think we're past things--that we've healed them; when (oops!) it comes back around again. That's the nature of life I suppose; and Mercury retrograde right now helps those things along too.

For the life of me, I can't seem to figure out why I continue to slip back into particular frames of mind where I expect that I'm understood, when (by now I should!) know better. I guess at times we become unconscious; we forget and we get caught up in the illusion of how we would like the world to be, rather than the way it really simply is.

It's all good though; disillusionment happens, and it brings with it the tinge of a sorrowful or sad mood. And that stimulates reflection, contemplation and inner searching. Sometimes, it takes some quiet time to reach that state of awareness where in we can realize what's going on. It enlightens us, once again, to the truth.

The opposite of sorrow, after all, is joy. And we reach for the joy again (the opposite polarity to sorrow), and by doing so we live out today's message from The Universe. People will always disappoint you; same thing with anything else in the material world.

I vow to try harder to remember that! The Divine Within is the only unchanging, stable, secure and fully sociable factor that can be fully depended upon.

I will remember, for The Divine Within is my true joy! Here's to going within and to leaning on The Universe!

The more you lean on me, Joy, the stronger we become. The stronger we become, the bigger we dream, the higher we fly, the bluer the sky, and the happier we dance.
Lean on me,

The Universe

The Universe Rocks!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Inner Life

Wow, it's been a while since I've made an entry!
How's your Inner Life?
The outer life is a reflection of that, remember?

It is said that the creator can never be separated from the creation. And to take those words and understand the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm is something to ponder on both levels.

I recently read this: " fulfil one's mission in the outer life thoroughly; at the same time keeping the inner realization that the outer life, whatever be one's occupation, should reflect the inner realization of truth."

That one line can and does express true spirituality!

Have a great day!