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Joy Star

Psychic Development

Which Type of Psychic Seeker are YOU?
So someone told you that you have natural psychic abilities and now you want to know how to develop them.
Or maybe you noticed it yourself! You’re suddenly having prophetic dreams. Or maybe you’ve always had those, but lately they are causing you to want to be able to understand them. You want to know what you are supposed to do about those dreams–what do they mean?
Perhaps you’ve always thought of yourself as having a strong intuition but now you want to harness that power or at least figure it out. (Pardon me a moment, while I try to stop cringing at the word power, hoping we don’t mean power over anyone else.) Maybe you’re wondering what the universe is trying to tell you; you already know who is on the phone before answering it. This must mean something! You wonder if your special. You must be, you think. You obviously have gifts. What does the universe want you to do with them? Its’ all so exciting! Something’s going on! What does it all mean? Well, you’re not alone my friend–people are opening up in wildly huge numbers these days!
You have this mental concept or idea that you already are gifted and now all you need is the right class or right teacher to take you the rest of the way. Then you can become all-knowing and omnipresent. You figure that you can do great things; maybe make even get rich or at least impress your friends and family! The ego begins to think of a thousand or more ways you can outshine the rest, because after all, says the ego, you’re obviously gifted and very special. Besides, the ego says, you’re more than 3/4 of the way there–just look at those dreams that you’ve had and the prophetic visions that turned out to be accurate!
Of course, you tuck that part deep within and don’t talk much about it. You say to others that you want to be able to help the world with your gifts, but secretly maybe you’re hoping to make that money and impress those people–who knows where this could lead!
But you want assurances from other psychics who are willing to share their knowledge with you–promises, guarantees. You think that if you just knew the trick or had the key to open that final door, all the riches of the world and fame will be yours, right? You have visions of the universe falling at your feet and others following you, begging you to help them with your gift. You could read everyone’s mind and know what they’re really thinking and maybe even win the lottery! And of course, a certificate! You will need that certificate. You must have that, because it will prove you are psychic!
Here’s a typical type of email that I sometimes receive from people who peruse my On-line Psychic Class:
I have some abilities and have been told by more that one reputable psychic/medium that I have a strong ability, but I need to harness it and learn the proper way to use it. Does your on-line course really work? Any guarantees? Do I get certificate, certifying that I am a psychic? Once I take your class will I be a medium? (What? Like presto chango? Or Expecto Fantasium? or perhaps Expecto Patronum? Lumos Maxima or Wingardium Leviosa maybe?)
Okay. I will get off the soap box now and apologize for the sarcasm above. Maybe that’s not you.
Maybe you are the type of seeker who realizes that if your intuition is more fully functioning, it would help you in your profession. Maybe you’re actually not trying to get one-leg-up on the rest of humanity and your purposes are pure and altruistic. Perhaps you realize that you could enhance your life’s work if you could be more intuitive–you could help others even more that you already do. There’s always a chance that you would like to change professions completely and become a professional psychic medium because you have great compassion for people’s suffering.
There’s also a likelyhood that you don’t really know why you are drawn to taking a psychic class and leaning to develop your intuition. In a survey of recent students in which I asked why they are taking the class, they were asked to select the best response that most appropriately applies to the reason they signed up for the course. Here are the results of the survey:
26% said that they seem to have always heard a small voice within directing their life and want to learn to make contact more with this voice intentionally
20% said that they’re not sure why they wanted to take this class; something just guided them to it
16% said that they have always wanted to be more psychic and are not sure why
10% said believe that learning psychic development would enhance a current career which is also metaphysical and/or motivational in nature [includes healers].
10% said that they looking for more information to enhance their current psychic career.
8% said that they want to change careers and they are taking the class to determine if I can do psychic readings professionally.
4% said they are taking the course to enhance their spiritual life and don’t care much about doing readings for others
4% said that they go to psychics for readings and would now like to learn how to do readings for themselves (instead of going to psychics)
2% selected this response: have occasionally used tarot cards (or Angel Cards, etc) to receive information for myself or others and want to know more about the process
The age range of the students who have enrolled in the class are as follows: 35% are ages 39-45; 21% are ages 32-38; 19% are ages 46-52; 10% are ages 25-31; 10% are ages 53-59; 4% are ages 60-66; and 2% are ages 18-24.
Perhaps from the data above you are getting an inkling of the idea that what we’re talking about a life path versus a 6-week class accompanied by a piece of paper called a certificate. Its not that the class can’t be helpful–it certainly can. I took classes myself and don’t regret for a moment the valuable information that I received and hope that my own class offers that same type of value and service. However, one class won’t do it all for you–that’s the point I’m trying to make here.
Coming to a teacher with the expectation that at the end of the course, you’re going to knock everyone’s socks off with your all-knowing psychic ability is a bit naive. That’s all I’m saying.
What you, yourself, come to the course with in the first place will enhance your benefits. For example, do you do any form of daily spiritual practice or meditation? Do you know how to settle your mind, quiet your thoughts, and hold a single-pointed focus? Can you even focus your energy long enough to determine a question to ask the Higher Mind and can you receive enough of a response to refine your question in order to get to the heart of the issue? (This will be the subject of another blog post in the future.)
I asked students about their past experience regarding the frequency of the practice of meditation in their life. And I asked them to select the choice that most appropriately applies to them. Here is what I received when I asked them to select the response that applies most appropriately to them:
30% said that they meditate often and usually receive some information or guidance when they do
23% said that they meditate occasionally by sitting in stillness with no particular technique
19% said they’ve tried to meditate but can’t seem to stop thinking and so are unable to meditate, but are taking the class to learn more about it
16% said that they meditate daily by sitting in stillness with no particular technique.
2% chose this response: I’ve never meditated in my life, nor have I ever tried.
2% selected: I meditate daily by sitting and chanting.
2% selected: I meditate only occasionally, sitting and chanting
2% selected: I don’t formally meditate but feel relaxed and receptive when I’m engaed in a creative activity.
2% selected this response: Yoga is my main form of meditation.
What you bring to the process will enhance your development and advancement. Additionally, the amount of devotion and sincerity that you apply will also affect your outcome.
Working in these areas psychic evolution and spiritual development is part of a life path and this is often times misunderstood. I’ve always quoted Edgar Cayce (one of the most famous and documented psychics of all time) who said, “ Psychic ability is ultimately best achieved through the process of spiritual development.” (See my article on Intuition posted on my web site.) What we’re talking about is personal spiritual evolution and being psychic is just a product of that–it’s not a means of it’s own. Do we ever stop evolving? And should we get a certificate for our efforts in that direction?
One last point to add in this post is that to ensure any level of success personal devotion to the process is needed. This not only includes developing the good habit of daily meditation (for a number of reasons which will be outlined on another day, another time), but more importatly practice. Practice actually doing readings–including this as a daily practice as well. Obviously, like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you get and the more confidence you build.
This opens up to another point–the amount of confidence you have in yourself is a great determiner of your success. How can I give you a certificate for that? Many people who lack confidence in life generally will turn to this path of being psychic in order to build up their own esteem and worthiness. I doubt that they realize consciously that this is why they are attracted to this area–but this is what I have observed and correlated from having worked with quite of number of students.
I cannot wave a magic wand and turn you into something–a psychic or anything else. That’s your job–that’s your life path and I cannot walk it for you. There’s no magic pill. I cannot eat the spiritual food and digest the spiritual food for you either.
But I am willing to share my own experiences with you, encourage you and point the way toward the path–I just cannot walk the path for you and giving you a certificate isn’t going to make you magically psychic!
It’s a path ladies and gentlemen–its a life path. Practice, results, correlation, practice, more results and more correlation mixed with self-analysis, self-examination, daily devotion and more observation and correlation: that’s what gets you where you want to go.
I’m stepping down fully from my soap box now–apologizing for stepping back up on it a few paragraphs ago.
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. A teacher can only instruct on the way–but only you can walk the way! No guarantees from the teacher; that’s the student’s job!
One final note–not to burst anyone’s bubble–and that is that everyone is becoming more psychic, more intuitive now! It’s just part of the evolutionary path of humanity; more and more people are opening up to higher levels of mind. Everyone? Yes, I think so; but some are more aware of it than others, that’s all.
Now its true that some are just by nature more sensitive than others–that can clearly be seen by someone’s natal birth chart. Lots of planets in Pisecs or a strongly place Neputne or Jupiter can confirm this; so I do agree that some of us actually are more sensitive than others. Yet, this ability exists in everyone–its our natural birthright; or so goes my own belief about it. So, are some really more “gifted”? I think some are more naturally sensitive to subtle energies; and some have worked in these areas in previous lifetimes and are here to continue developing what has already been evolving. I’m not trying to contradict myself here; rather there can be some indication to being predisposed to being sensitive and intuitive. Yet, if you feel called to develop this area further, you are meant to do so; otherwise you wouldn’t have the desire in the first place.
Somebody can be a gifted car mechanic too; where our interests lead us represents a calling of sort–a way to help our own soul evolve back to Source and serve humanity in the process. As a result of a desire to reconnect with Source Energy, we will all become psychic–we will all be centered in the totality of the sea of consciousness rather than in the individual ego. Think: the center of gravity in the ocean rather in the wave! Its where everybody’s headed–how many lifetimes it takes is the variable.
There is no time in actuality; all there is, is the Eternal Now. And we are all being drawn back into Souce on the inbreath of The Divine. And we are all becoming psychic as that occurs.
These are my final thoughts on these matters for today.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Joy Star

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are you being called to become a psychic? Or a...?

TODAY'S THOUGHT: You wouldn't have the desire (to become... you fill in the blank) in the first place, if the desire wasn't possible to be fulfilled!
The sooner we get ourselves in harmony with the desire, the better!

I'm now calling myself "A Published Writer" as I take advice from a book that I'm reading about writing. Why not? What we declare is true, is! I've not published a thing yet, unless you count what's written on this blog and my website! But never mind that, in my own mind, I'm now calling myself a published writer.

Eventually, the outer world always aligns with the inner--this is what I firmly believe. The more we declare that we are "a writer", "a psychic", "a healer", the more the subconscious mind incorporates it and begins to create those circumstances which validate it! This is my truth anyway--maybe you'd agree?

The next step, the most logical one, is to begin to take actions which are in alignment with that declaration. Let's just take a declaration that goes this way: I am psychic! The more you affirm that (even if you don't believe it right off the bat--fake it until you make it), the more life will align itself to make that statement an obvious truth!

Of course, the fact is that we're all writers, healers and psychics--we just have to incorporate the belief on a deep core level and make some conscious efforts in those directions. Then, more and more, we fully realize (with the evidence to back it up!) the truth of those declarations. So far anyway, this is how I've seen that life works.

As we cherish that belief and step into the role by taking action in those areas, the easier it becomes to write or heal or be psychic (or whatever it is!) with each passing day! Then before we know it, we've taken on the role completely and begun to fully live that new identity.

This theory has some limits I suppose based on what the physical body and belief system can handle--the more reasonable the goal, however, the better our chances of creating that identity. We can start small and grow big with our goals!

Well, these are a few thoughts on a breezy, beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Have you thought to change your identity or better said, add to your identity? I am a writer! Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it--I am a writer! A published writer!
I've added that to my cosmic job description--and it must be that it is part of my job description, since I have this desire in the first place. I wouldn't have the desire to begin with if it wasn't supposed to be fulfilled! The sooner I get myself in harmony with it, the better!

So, what's your desire?

What new role is your Spirit you calling you to


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Needs Are Met Before We Know We Have Them

I have a few thoughts tonight that I figured that I'd put "out there" into cyberspace. Maybe this will be encouraging for someone. Once upon a time (in a galaxy far, far away.... NO-oops! that's another story!) one of my teachers said that she passed out and went to "the light". She went somewhere while she was unconscious from which she had a bird's eye view of life. She oh so convincingly told this story and I believe her. I won't go into too much detail--let me just give you the bottom line. She said that she could see (and she was amazed by this and told us with a certain type of awe in her voice which enchanted us all!) that everyone's needs are already being met, before the need is even known to them! She could clearly see it, she said.

At that time in my life it was something that really had a tremendously positive effect on me. I was going through a pretty wild transition and initiation. Anyway, I walked around for days repeating to myself, in amazement, that our needs are already being met before we even know we have the need! I was completely enthralled by the idea and it gave me a tremendous amount of peace and hope, just thinking about it.

Since then, I've seen the evidence of it working in my life, time and time again. Big things, small things and all kinds of things happen in exactly that way. Its like, "somebody up there knows something and is watching out for me"--know what I mean? And anyway, since that time I began to be more in harmony with this whole concept. And by the way, you're being watched-out-for too!

I'm short on time tonight, but I really want to give a few small examples--fresh on my mind which stimulated me to make this post. These few things that I'm about to share with you happened recently, reminding me of this truth.
These particular occurrences are not such a big deal in the grand scheme of life--they are just perfect little illustrations is all. You see, I was packing up a box for my daughter this evening, remembering what happened yesterday. I was mailing some things at the post office yesterday and almost hypnotically I found myself walking toward the postal tape picking it up to purchase. I argued slightly with my trance-like gesture; it's probably cheaper at the Dollar Store, I thought. But I've learned to trust myself when the feeling comes over me that way. I was out of tape, but had nothing that needed to be mailed; so why buy it now? Bottom line: I bought it not knowing why this, why there, why now.

Since yesterday, I learned my daughter needs some clothes for her new job--in fact, it wasn't until late today that I learned about it. Immediately I thought of the dresses and other clothing that are just sitting in my closet which she could use. Tonight, I sorted things out, made a few piles of clothing, located a few boxes in the garage and packed them inside. Then I realized why I bought that packing tape yesterday! I was glad I got it because I want to mail the boxes out first thing tomorrow morning.

Now I grant you---that's really such a little thing; but that sort of phenomenon happens to me all the time, quite proving that needs are met before we even know we they have them. I've made a habit of observing my life a good deal , and note synchronicities like that with a big smile and lots of gratitude.

I had no intention of going to the Dollar Store yesterday--I was in the post office and so was that tape accompanied by the hypnotic desire to buy it--it all came together. I got that tape yesterday because I was going to need it tonight, even though I didn't know I was going to need it.

Again, its a small and perhaps silly example; but here's another one, perhaps just as trivial, but it goes to the same point. While opening a package that a book arrived in yesterday, there was a piece of cardboard backing included. I usually keep things like that to use when I start a fire in the fireplace in the winter; I have a big basket that I toss that sort of thing in. I started to toss it in there out of habit, and then thought to myself that there aren't going to be anymore fires now--its getting warm, no need to build anymore fires. So I began to put it in the trash since I was going to the dump right afterwards. (We have to haul our own trash to the dump around here in the mountains where I live.)

Something stopped me in my tracks and the thought came that I may need it--again, a need was being met before I even knew I had it! Why do I say that? As I was packing up the 2nd box this evening, there was a gap where the flaps met. I needed something to fill in the space.... Right! I thought, That's why I kept that piece of cardboard yesterday instead of tossing it out!

I won't bore you with any more examples, but suffice it to say that it works this way with me and money too--I somehow manage to have a few extra dollars ahead of the time that I need it for a purchase that I don't know I want to make! Many times its the exact dollar amount that I need for either an unexpected expense or a desire that doesn't arise until later. When the exact dollar amount that I need arrives ahead of time, it's like a wink and a nod from the universe.
I do love the way the universe works in this way! It's such an amazing validation that there is a divine intelligence working in harmony with our lives.

It works this way for you too! I really think that the more you believe it and the more you pay attention to it, the better it works!

It's off to bed for me now.... I hope this little post helped to encourage someone.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Life Question & Divination via Synchronicity

When we have one of those BIG LIFE QUESTIONS, it helps to begin collecting information gleaned from more than one source.

I'd think that many of us would do that. We may start by asking our friends their opinions, perhaps even turn to a parent or someone else (hopefully older and wiser) that we trust to see what they think about our plans or decisions. All of that is fine, and well and good.

But what if we want to know if that big decision that we're about to make is in alignment with our soul's purpose? And more importantly for the good of all concerned. What if we wanted to seek answers from (waht could be called) a higher authority? What if we wanted to ask our higher self or seek the wisdom of same universal intelligence that causes the stars to come out at night and the sun to rise in the morning? Well, you get the idea, right?

I wish I would have known 15 years ago what I know now; but at the time I did the best I could. I turned to several psychics for readings. And I also asked for some intuitive impressions from my fellow psychic development classmates at the time. This decision was going to affect not only my own life, but the life of my youngest daughter. I didn't know any other way to seek higher guidance at the time in my life. And so I did the only thing I knew how to do.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with turning to psychics. In fact, it
was quite validating because I kept getting the same answer--I trusted (with
fingers crossed--so, mostly trusted) the guidance I received, applied
the information, and made the decision. I'm pretty certain, looking back well
over 15 years now, that it was the right one. But getting a psychic reading is only one form of divination--BIG DECISIONS really deserve more of our own personal intuitive involvement.

Synchronicity is a term originally created by Carl Jung to describe the meaningful coincidences that occur in one's life and this is an awesome source of spiritual guidance--highly underestimated.

When we toss out a question to the universe by simply asking it telepathically
and really (with a deep heartfelt emotion) want that answer; it does
come. We just have to remember not to be picky about how the answer is
given and be awake and aware enough to recognize it in it's many forms.

I'm having to giggle here for a moment remembering something from earlier today--xcuse me! I'll let you in on it... I don't think my sister will mind. She called me from work to ask my opinion about a letter that she was writing to someone. Obviously, she had some mis-givings or doubt about it in the first place or she wouldn't have asked my opinion. (She's pretty self-assured most of the time.) Anyway, she starts reading me the letter and then groans a bit and says, "Ouch! I did it again. I've been doing that allot for the past few hours!" I asked her what she was talking about. She replied, "I keep biting my tongue!" As she began to read me the letter, I could see the connection (even if she didn't). I pointed it out--is the universe maybe trying to tell you to bite your tongue (an expression meaning: to keep quiet) about this letter? After she decided not to send the letter, we talked a while longer. She said that she realized after she decided not to send the letter, she'd quit biting her own tongue when she talked. In this case, the universe wouldn't have to send her repeating messages--she got it the first time (with my help pointing out the obvious). Usually, we look for repeating events or circumstances when using synchronicity as a divination tool however.

Anyway, I digress.... back to that BIG LIFE DECISION from 15 years ago. It would have given me more comfort if I'd also worked with some other divination tools on my own and correlated those with the psychic readings that I received. Other divination tools that I could have used myself (had I known about them at the time) such as:

  • Visions or messages received during our MEDITATION

  • Observing dreams; asking for a dream insight

  • Observing synchronicities; repeating patterns in life (see movie Celestine Prophecies)

  • I-Ching coins or sticks; you know, the hexagram from The Book of Change

  • Tarot or Angel Cards

  • Runes

  • Astrology

... things like that. Had I consulted some additional forms of divination on my own, I then would have been tuning into my own intuition and correlating that with the psychic readings which would have been more validating and comforting.

We usually have time to consult various other divination tools and observe sychronistic messages when we're making big life decisions; we usually don't make those kinds of decisions overnight anyway. It helps to journal these things; seeing it all in black and white (or whatever color font or pen you use :) can correlate all the information quite nicely for you.

Its also much more empowering when we consult our own personal divination
ability. That's not to say that receiving a psychic reading from someone
else is dis-empowering; it's just one added tool in the tool

Help is available; we just have to be wise enough and discerning enough to turn to it, recognize it, and then the MOST IMPORTANT PART--apply it. What good is the information we receive if we don't apply it? (You'd be surprised by how many people don't--based on my own experience as a psychic advisor.)

Anyway, this could end up being a whole book... but its all I have time for today. I know this isn't fully inclusive and probably pretty incomplete; I wrote this in a bit of a rush. However, I hope this post has given someone who really needs it right now, enough food for thought if they're on the threshhold of making a big life decision! Don't underestimate synchronistic occurances and messages.


Joy Star

Monday, May 18, 2009

Participating Fully With Life

I asked, and then I heard...

Life happens NOW, not before, not after, not sooner, not later, not in the past, not in the future.... your life is happening RIGHT NOW. Are you fully participating in it?
In this moment? Are you?
This is your chance to do so NOW...

I had just intentionally opened up to guidance and insight a second before that and then...
The insight came.
Instant awareness.

The realization came that I was NOT fully participating with life in that moment.
My mind was elsewhere.
I made a shift through intention and began to notice the late spring, early summer breeze entering the kitchen window where I stood.
Suddenly, I looked at my surroundings in a completely different way; I was standing in a magical sort of presence...
I'm HERE, I thought, I'm HERE.

And in that instant a joy and peace permeated my existence. I realized that there isn't a single thing in the world to worry about, as long as I was fully participating in my life.

Why so? I can't say that I can put words to it, but there it was nonetheless--the realization--the sense that everything was working, like clockwork, in perfect order.
Everything is as it should be right now, this moment.

As that mental re-alignment happened, and I had to resist the urge to do something like a cartwheel or a leap of joy.

I had an overwhelming urge to go outside and just PARTICIPATE with the life that surrounded me--those elements of life that suddenly became alive, dancing in harmony... the breeze, the trees, even the cars whizzing by the highway out front.

There was the overwhelming urge to just go out the door and be a part of it!
No worries,
no 'issues',
no 'what if's'...
...everything in perfect divine order--that's exactly how it REALLY IS, I thought. I knew!

I can be a part of it!
I AM a part of it!

This I do again and again, over and over--its not the first time. But, I admit its been a while since I experienced a moment in exactly that way....
I don't need to "get a life", I just need to fully participate in the one I have! I need to remember this... to live this!

Welcome Home, were the words ringing in my mind and heart in unison, Welcome Home.

Bottom Line:

Stay in the Now
Be Fully Present

Ears open
Eyes open

Here is peace...
Truth emerges!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Subconscious Mind & Psychic Results

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. We affect our subconscious mind by verbal repetition. This is why when we want to affect change in our life, we have to repeat, repeat and repeat some more!

If we want to dream an answer or solution to a problem, even if we want just some insight or added information, we have to tell the subconscious mind over and over before we go to sleep at night.

I sense that this is because the subconscious mind needs to be awakened via that repetition, otherwise it doesn't pay all that much attention to the litany of single thoughts that drift, meander or wander through the consciousness day in and day out.

Its almost like the subconscious mind part of us needs that kind of convincing or it doesn't take us seriously. If we make our intention clearly known in this way, however, it seems to work out better.

If we want our intuition to be fully functioning, we have to repeat that statement over and over--and not only that, we have to believe it is possible!

Toss in a lot of heartfelt emotion and mix well, all the while keep repeating it--that's a winning combination.

I almost have the sense of it being like this: it's sort of like hammering
a post into the ground with a sledge hammer! Do you think that this
is where we arrive at the phrase "hammering it in" when it refers
to learning things?

Whatever we want to accomplish, we have to impress the subconscious mind with regard to that desire; otherwise it may not take notice. And even if it does take notice, unless we give it the directive over an over, it may not take us seriously.
No mental doubt can come into the process, not a single one!
As the saying goes, "You cannot afford the luxury of a single doubt" when you are truly trying to accomplish something in life!

I think this is especially true in the psychic realms or in metaphysical areas and many times it's importance is overlooked or under-estimated.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Sadness & Disillusionment Comes, Lean On ME!

I received a little message today from The Universe... in my email as a matter of fact, courtesy of Mike Dooley (of The Secret fame) and author of the book Notes From The Universe.

I like getting little daily messages; I've signed up for a number of them. Today's little message from the Universe was particularly suitable for my life. It read:

The more you lean on me, Joy, the stronger we become.

The stronger we become, the bigger we dream, the higher we fly, the bluer the sky, and the happier we dance.
Lean on me,

The Universe

I really understand today's message! Or at least I think I do. Lately, there have been a few disappointments; but I know disappointments are a result of attachments. Anytime I've been disappointed, the realization comes to me (quicker these days) that if I wasn't attached to a desire in some way, there would be no disappointment in the first place!

We all have times in life when we've felt misunderstood or when other folks arbitrarily decided who we are, but don't really have the first real clue. Nobody can see us the way we truly are; I've come to believe that's really impossible. My greatest sorrow has come from being completely misunderstood by others--I suppose it triggers those old soul wounds that I'm here to clear and heal. Sometimes we think we're past things--that we've healed them; when (oops!) it comes back around again. That's the nature of life I suppose; and Mercury retrograde right now helps those things along too.

For the life of me, I can't seem to figure out why I continue to slip back into particular frames of mind where I expect that I'm understood, when (by now I should!) know better. I guess at times we become unconscious; we forget and we get caught up in the illusion of how we would like the world to be, rather than the way it really simply is.

It's all good though; disillusionment happens, and it brings with it the tinge of a sorrowful or sad mood. And that stimulates reflection, contemplation and inner searching. Sometimes, it takes some quiet time to reach that state of awareness where in we can realize what's going on. It enlightens us, once again, to the truth.

The opposite of sorrow, after all, is joy. And we reach for the joy again (the opposite polarity to sorrow), and by doing so we live out today's message from The Universe. People will always disappoint you; same thing with anything else in the material world.

I vow to try harder to remember that! The Divine Within is the only unchanging, stable, secure and fully sociable factor that can be fully depended upon.

I will remember, for The Divine Within is my true joy! Here's to going within and to leaning on The Universe!

The more you lean on me, Joy, the stronger we become. The stronger we become, the bigger we dream, the higher we fly, the bluer the sky, and the happier we dance.
Lean on me,

The Universe

The Universe Rocks!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Inner Life

Wow, it's been a while since I've made an entry!
How's your Inner Life?
The outer life is a reflection of that, remember?

It is said that the creator can never be separated from the creation. And to take those words and understand the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm is something to ponder on both levels.

I recently read this: " fulfil one's mission in the outer life thoroughly; at the same time keeping the inner realization that the outer life, whatever be one's occupation, should reflect the inner realization of truth."

That one line can and does express true spirituality!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moon In Sagittarius ~ Jupiter Influence Sun. 4-12-09 through Tue. 4-15-09

The Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius from

2 PM (EDT) Sunday


Through Tuesday


The Moon moves into Capricorn in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, April the 15th, 2009.

The Lunar Sag/Jupiter influence is present Sunday afternoon & all day Monday and Tuesday, 4-12, 4-13 & 4-15-2009.

The glyph for Sag is the arrow -- the arrow traveling as fast as the speed of light out into the cosmos -- exuberance. The arrow asks, "What is my place in this cosmos? Where am I going?" These are Saggitarian questions. The gypsy, the student, and the philosopher are three destinies of Sagittarius. With all three, the mind projects itself outward toward a new horizon [see image above] in order to realize the ultimate meaning of life and find one's place in the cosmos. Sag sees no clear ending, only the endless process. The search for meaning associated with Sag. energy has to do with expanding the mind and searching for truth--the vision quest.

This kind of travel is associated with Sag, thus the connection to "travel" which connects to the mundane astrologer's interpretation. Education, travel and expansion of awareness--being open to "foreign" ways of thinking. The Sag energy is also very fond of freedom. Without freedom, how can there be the pursuit of these goals?

Sagittarius searches for the personal god and faith in one's own ideals. Sag searches for his own god no matter what pressures are brought to bear by consensus society. Sag asks us to determine our own belief and establish our own faith based on our own ideals.

Its no surprise then that Sag is often associated with intuition and the right brain activities of consciousness. Forget what everyone else in society tells you... what do YOU believe? Search for you own personal meaning! That's what Sag energy encourages.

The mood of the day will be expansive -- after all, Jupiter (the big planet!) rules Sagittarius. Today, as I write this, it's Easter Sunday, the christian holiday.

The emotional weather for this Sunday afternoon as well as tomorrow and Tuesday will likely be upbeat, optimistic, and lively and expansive thinking will very likely be prominent. Putting christian rituals aside, it's generally a time wherein searching for answers to the big questions of life would be natural. Outspoken-ness can be evident today too... Sag energy sometimes speaks without forethought.

Jupiter is big and likes lots of excess so when the Moon is in Sag, over-indulgence in almost any area can also be evident.

How attached are you to your beliefs? There may be a challenge in this area and arrogance and self-righteousness from those who are extremely attached to their version of truth--or the version that was handed to them by religious authorities. Think: bible thumpers.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius it can be a good time to ask your soul, the angels and higher guiding light forces to help you to release addictions to the need to be right and any other excessive-type behavior. Ask for help to be opened up to wider views and perspectives--growth oriented influences and advanced ideas. Affirm that your mind and your spirit are continuing to open and unfold as you release your need to be right. There's that song that comes to my thinking here. Part of the lyrics are "...expand your mind". Probably a song from the 60's. Anyway...

I'd like to think that the real expansion we are seeking is spiritual versus dogmatic and religious. This is the territory of Jupiter and Sagittarius.

A visual is to imagine your body like a sponge taking on more and more white light until you are glowing and radiant -- light has no religion, no dogma. To make the most of Sagittarius energy, fill your body and brain with light and imagine a many-pedaled lotus flower opening up at the center of your forehead. Realize there are many paths to the Divine while you think of something you are doing on a small scale now that you'd like to expand in a big way. Send an inexhaustible stream of light to that idea bubble and watch it grow and grow, knowing that the growth of your mind and spirit is ever unfolding.

The Moon moves into Capricorn Wednesday 4-15-09 and by then we will have covered the entire zodiac. I started a month ago with the ever-changing Moon as it moved through every sign of the zodiac for a 30 day period. This was the 2nd time I went through the Moon signs on this blog. Maybe next I will work through the houses one by one.

Wishing you a mind expanding day!


The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul's overall natal karmic dynamic and evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved. Distinctions and variations are determined by one’s individual birth chart.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Moon in Scorpio Emotional Weather Report 4-10 to 4-12-09

Moon in Scorpio April 10th Friday 5:23 am until April 12th Sunday 2:00 PM (EDT) 2009.

Full Moon was April 9th, 2009

I'm late posting this; the Moon went into Scorpio yesterday.

Let's get started...

Scorpio Moons are strong ones and its said that they can override the Sun. So feelings, needs, instincts and responses will be strong when the Moon transits Scorpio.

If we don't take time to understand what (many times) are our unconscious responses to life, we can end up feeling needy and unfulfilled. We should make an effort, therefore, to understand what each Moon sign is all about. The Moon is about nurturing. I like saying "the hungry Moon".

Aquarius Moons are hungry for space and freedom, Cancer Moons are hungry for that connection to their roots, Virgo Moons are hungry for the comfort and predictability of routine and Gemini Moons are hungry for change, variety and lots of data/information.
What is the Moon hungry for when it transits through the constellation of Scorpio?

(By the way, you can translate these transiting Moon archetypes informational pieces to a Natal Moon too.)

Before I go into it, let it be said that some people are more sensitive to the Moon and its daily fluctuations than others. Lunar "types" of people are Cancer Suns (Moon children) and anyone born during the Full Moon or the New Moon.

These little Moon Emotional Weather reports can be useful because even if "you" aren't sensitive to the Moon, it can help to know what particular type of mood or emotional weather will be predominant in the general public. So if the current Moon transit doesn't affect you face on, you will still be affected indirectly by having to cope with the energy of the masses--others.

We're currently on the tail end of a Full Moon--the Lunar influences of a full Moon are known to affect us 3 days prior to a Full Moon and 3 days after the exact Full Moon. Emotions that build up through the monthly cycle tend to peak and release around the time of the Full Moon.

So the Moon in Scorpio is connected to Pluto. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio. This influence in the Moon can be brooding, vindictive and resentful, but it doesn't have to be. Scorpio is a water sign and the Moon in Scorpio runs deep emotionally. When the Moon is in Scorpio it is a good time for self-healing and to think those "deep" Soul thoughts. Scorpio is a probing and deeply psychological sign so the Moon is Scorpio is a good time for meditation and examining your own motives or even the motives of others. Trust issues may come up when the Moon is in Scorpio and any old soul memories of betrayal will likely be re-stimulated for healing and clearing. Of course, it wouldn't be fair to Scorpio to leave out sensuality and just plain ole' sex; but watch for power plays (Pluto ruling Scorpio is about power) and manipulation and trust issues.

Also this wouldn't be a good time to push people to confide in you--Scorpio loves privacy, secretiveness and mystery. Generally people may not be in a self-revealing mood. Again, people (generally speaking) may be suspicious of one another; you may have to demonstrate your trustworthiness.

The Moon in Scorpio can help you to understand the deeper levels of any situation and of your own or other people's emotions. The emotional climate of the Moon in Scorpio can be summarized with one word: intense!

To work with the higher side of this energy, release resentments, past hurts and any betrayals or losses that are stored in the emotional body.

Pluto/Scorpio is about transformation (a large part of this energy IS transformative) so perhaps if you can work with cooperating with any energy that is coming forward for the purpose of transformation, this would a very positive thing to do. Think: Phoenix rising transformed from the ashes. Think of parts of your life that you would like to see healed and call on your soul to help you be aware of what has been repressed or hidden so that you can experience the power that comes from knowledge!

The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul's overall natal karmic dynamic and evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Tuesday Evening 4/7/09 at approx. 11:30 pm (EDT) the Moon moves out of the Virgo Constellation and into Libra, remaining there until about 4:30 am (EDT) on Friday 4/10/09.

General Emotional Weather Forecast for the next few days....

Essentially through the full days of Wednesday and Thursday April 8th and 9th, the Moon is in Libra. Let's just talk about the Moon itself before we combine with the Libra energy.

The function of the Moon is to help us to respond to (be responsible for) our emotions and to develop the ability to 'feel'. A few posts ago, when the Moon was in Cancer, I posted some information about working with the emotional body--learning from it. Emotions help us develop our Soul and feelings themselves are messages from the Soul. Many times we can determine what motivates our unconscious behavior (thereby becoming more fully conscious) by understanding our emotions and learning from them.

They say the "eyes" are the windows to the Soul. But I think the emotions are too.

If you've been following the posts here, it should be clear by now that the Moon is always changing, adjusting and responding to the heavens. A way to maintain our happiness, satisfaction with life and comfort level is to work in harmony with the Moon.

The Moon is the "mood" of the psyche, the consciousness, the Soul. While Mercury rules our rational left brain functions, the Moon is pure emotion. Those moods erupt out of the unconsious part of us... the deep part of our Soul of which we don't have full awareness. Think: dreams.

The Moon gives us happiness and fulfillment, yet despair and sadness are its gifts too. To feed the hungry Moon what it seeks is to bring fullness to life. That's why I like looking deeply into it.

The Moon will express the sign that it's currently in. And in this post, I will talk about Libra in connection to the Moon energy. Libra is a very social sign...that's the function, the archetype of Libra. It rules the area of consciousness and life connected to relationships.

Yet there's more. Additional keywords associated with Libra are: harmony, balance, social grace, beauty, art, culture, love, peace-making and also intellect. Libra is an air sign, associated with intellect. Libra can sustain a paradox, can see both sides and so a Moon in Libra could easily sustain an atmosphere of fairness and balance. Libra energy does not enjoy conflict and many times would rather do the flight rather than the fight of its opposite polarity, Aries. Just don't push your luck and try to tick off a Libran Moon. If you do, you're libal to awaken the sleeping Mars warrior. One of my teachers said once, "Behind every sweet Libra is a pissed-off Aries."
I pretty much get that potential, I've got alot of planets in Libra, including my Moon. But back to our point.

Every sign has a shadow side and Libra emotions can become out of balance... when Libra is out of balance, it's way out if you know what I mean. Decisions may be difficult when the Moon is in Libra since we will likely be able to see all sides to all issues--especially those that affect our mood, our security and our emotional happiness.

What will make us happy with the Moon is Libra? The answer is any activity that supports an enhancement of beauty and harmony in any way especially if it involves others in a social setting or even in a one-on-one partnership activity. These next few days would be a good time to pursue anything that supports those energies. Libra seeks peace but sometimes has difficulty achieving it unless the emotions are balanced.

Generally speaking however, I think the Emotional Weather will likely be as follows. Any one-on-one social confrontations should go smoothly, peacefully... at least on an emotional level. People should generally be feeling that they want to get along with others and try to keep the peace. But if you are looking for a decision in any area where your own or other people's emotions have an attachment, you may want to wait a few days until the Moon moves into Scorpio. Generally speaking (and that's the only way we can do it when we are singling out one function of mind), Scorpio energy will want to probe deeper and get to the bottom of things. Libra just wants to get along, keep things beautiful and keep things in harmony.

Libra Moon time may be a good time to beautify your home in some way or smooth over a rough spot in a relationship. The heavenly energies would support that. Social gatherings should go well too.

A Few Additional Players: The Moon will be opposing the Sun (imbalance between will/ego and emotions) and also opposing retrograde Venus (imbalance or stress or between emotions and money/relationship functions) as well as opposing Mercury (conflict between head and heart) over these next few days too. Retrograde Venus is still squaring Pluto (transformational energy--throwing off the past). Venus doesn't go direct until the 17th of this month. Look for money/relationships stresses that started around March 6th, 2009 to come to a head around that time. During the next few days, there's a trine from the Moon to Jupiter (encouraging of general good natured attitudes). That may balance out some of the more stressful energy. Keep in mind, this is general, and that these could play out in various different ways.

And now if you'll excuse me... as I write this post the Moon is still in Virgo and my hungry Virgo Moon is urging me to follow through with some details. Translation: I have to balance my check book! That's what's going to satisfy me emotionally right now. Virgo loves those details you know. Wishing you a beautiful and harmonous rest of the week....

The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul's overall natal karmic dynamic, evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moon in Virgo

The Moon moves into Virgo Sunday evening 4/5/09 approx. 7 PM (EDT) and remains in that sign until Tuesday evening 4/7/09 approx 10:30 PM.

The emotional weather may be discriminating and analytical especially as the Moon gets closer to making a conjunction aspect to Saturn. The mood may contain feelings of criticism, especially around areas of disclipline or with concerns around maturity of any type (Saturn). That's one way that this combo of energy could express anyway.

Tomorrow, Monday, the Virgo Moon conjucts Saturn and opposes Mars. The feeling with this triad is pretty serious. The Virgo Moon will analyize, Saturn will want to control emotions and conform and Mars energy wants to go, move forward. Tricky combination of energy.

On the shadow side, Virgo emotions can be feelings of guilt, martyrdom and victimization. If there is any time of the month when self-criticism (or in projection, criticizing others) can be prominent, it's when the Moon is in Virgo. Virgo strives for "perfection" and when it is not achieved, which is most of the time--let's face it, there can be the pity party and feelings of guilt if you know what I mean. You may see this tendency in yourself or others when the Moon is in Virgo.

The higher side of Virgo is service, purity, humility and becoming "one" with one's work and working hard to perfect a skill.

Virgo rules the 6th house of health (as well as service/work) and so health issues may affect the emotions during this lunar transit.

Generally, anything that entails detail work or work in general should be favored when the Moon is transiting through Virgo.

Self-acceptance is the key (as well as acceptance of others) when the Moon transits through Virgo.

I hope these few insights on the likely emotional weather that may be playing out in your self and in others with this Virgo Moon transit helps with the start of your week.

The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul's overall natal karmic dynamic and evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Moon in Leo Friday afternoon thru Sunday Evening

The Moon is in the sign of LEO from approx. 3:30 pm (EDT) on Friday 4/3/09 until Sunday evening at approx. 7 pm (EDT) 4/5/09

The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul's overall natal karmic dynamic and evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved.

In the past few days when the Moon was in Cancer the potential for great emotional depth existed. The attention, most likely, was inward. Leo, on the other hand, is outward and much more aggressive. Leo is a fire sign. I'd say not to look for people to hide their emotions too much this weekend.

The Moon is growing in light, Gibbous phase. Whatever we started at the new Moon time (around March 26th) may now be facing a bit of opposition or challenge from the external world. Maybe challenge is the better of the two words. But we will probably still like expressing our emotions anyway. Leo is about self-expression and we may feel like bringing our emotions into the world of form in some way now, whether the world is ready for it or not. Whatever our intentions were around the 26th, now the outer world is likely going to bring forth resistance. People may want to tell you how to change your creation to suit them. We may hear things like, "I think you should do things 'this' way"--meaning my way! You may have to stick to your guns if their suggestion comes from an egoic perspective. If it's a worthy suggestion, make changes. If not, mabye they should make their own creation.

The Leo Moon seeks comfort, security and happiness by seeking attention. The personality may be very expressive when the Moon is in Leo, and generous too.

In a Leo Moon we may very likely desire immediate reactions from others for our emotional expressions, whatever those are or however they manifest. Leo likes to go out quickly, hit its mark, and get the immediate feedback.

Leo rules the 5th house of creativity and self-expression (the performer) and a Moon in Leo would likely find these areas generally bringing emotional satisfaction and happiness. Leo energy is also very playful and spontaneous as well as generally optimistic. Thus, the connection with the children, creativity and charisma commonly associated with Leo.

The shadow side of Leo has to do with trying to impress others. The purpose is to feel secure within the self. The more the Leo Moon tries to impress (drama!), the more he puts other people off. There can be haughtiness, arrogance (and all other words having to do with excessive pride can be inserted here) when the Moon is in Leo.

The higher side of the Leo Moon has more to do with the words "love" and "heart". And toss in "play" and "fun"--the 5th house is known as the house of romance too. But not so much the commitment variety; just romance and fun for the pure joy of it. Leo in it’s best form is pure joy and optimism!

These types of things are likely what we'll be seeking for security and comfort purposes when the Moon is in Leo.

This weekend could be a good time for a party or entertaining; any type of recreation with children would be fun too. The Leo Moon trines both Mercury and the Sun which will likely add communication and ego intensification to the Leo Moon. Yet Jupiter opposes the Leo Moon which could play out as challenges from others to curb the enthusiasm.

The best way to work with the energy this weekend is to allow your self some drama and creativity--the Leo Moon is hungry for it. And don't let others rain on your parade. They probably just want some attention too.

These are the thoughts that I have for now on this weekend's Leo Moon.
Enjoy you're weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mental Projection Tips for Psychic Development & Spiritual Evolution

Practice With This Exercise Will also Help You to Learn How to Generally "Stay Awake" and Aware at All Levels of Mind in Order to Benefit Your Spiritual Evolution

In order to be able to travel to destinations for the purpose of answering psychic questions, mental projection is helpful. That is, being able to project yourself somewhere mentally.

The first time I projected part of my consciousness somewhere and received impressions about the place, I later drove there. My stomach did a little flip when I saw that what my remote visions revealed to me was actually what I saw physically when I arrived.
At the time I was a complete armature and just read the directions from a book and was totally amazed that I could actually make a mental journey and receive accurate impressions. I was thinking about that today--thus, decided to blog about it. The only difference is that in the exercise which follows, the suggestion is to practice by first going to a place you have been to in the past. That makes it much easier.

Here are a few tips if you'd like to practice.

Start by choosing the place that you would like to mentally project "to", and ideally this should be a place that you are familiar with. You may like to choose the home of a family member or friend who can validate some of what your impressions are, after the fact.

Don't attempt this, first of all, if you're tired.

Try this exercise when your stomach is fairly empty or at least not after a large meal when most of your faculties are doing something else, like digesting food.

Your mind should be clear and uncluttered--don't try this when you feel sluggish or your results may be disappointing.

Its best if you can shower beforehand so that your aura is clear and dress in a light garment. (One of my teachers would say that when she wants to do her very best psychic work, she showers and wraps herself in nothing more than a lightweight sheet or blanket.)

It goes without saying to do this (or any) psychic exercise in a place where you will not be interrupted, but I'll say it anyway. And take the phone off of the hook to avoid
being slammed back into your body--part of you will be leaving.

Sit with the back straight--lying down will encourage you to nod off.

Take 7 very deep breaths; evenly spaced in a rhythmic fashion. Inhale to a count of 4, hold the breath more than twice as long (count of 11), and then exhale to a count of 7. Even, regular breaths... rhythmic. Only 7; there's no need to hyperventilate.

Next, close your eyes and visualize your destination (family or friend's home or another location with which you are familiar). Preferably, it will be a place where you know someone is located so they can validate your impressions later. It may be the very next room from where you are doing this exercise...that's just fine. Or it may be 1,000 miles away; it doesn't matter.

Again, it's best if you actually know this place and have been there before and have a working familiarity with it and the details of the place.

Now with the eyes closed, see yourself in this place. Imagine that you are in the spot you have selected.

If you have any difficulty, be sure you are completely shutting out awareness of your present physical surroundings and see only (in your mind's eye) the appearance of the place (s) you wish to visit.

Allow yourself to picture every detail of the place; give yourself every detail it is possible for you recall. These details include things like colors, lighting, arrangement of objects, characteristic sounds, and smells -- everything that you would be aware of if you were physically there. Really get into it!

When you feel like you've got the vision of the place nailed down pretty well, begin
to look around you and observe current furniture arrangements (if you are inside a dwelling or office of some kind), look for people who may be present, note how they are dressed and listen to what is being said or what sounds you hear.

When you feel like you have enough information, return to your own physical body's
present environment once again.

Open your eyes, look at your clock or watch and write down the exact time of day and everything that you observed.

You can validate the information. If you travel to another part of the country, note the weather if you can too (rain/wind/sun?). Do you see trees moving? How are the people dressed? Do you hear what they are saying? These are facts that can be validated.

Essentially, that's it. The possible difficulty that you may encounter is that you fall into a dream state, unable to remain fully conscious throughout your time in the remote mental visit. The moment you slide into a dream state or begin to fantasize about a memory, what happens is you loose the spectator or observer perspective. You're not supposed to participate in what you are seeing, only witness it.

The dream state brings fantasy and just like on any and all levels of awareness at any time, if you fall into that dream state it brings illusion (delusion) and un-reality. In order to do this exercise properly, keep in mind this main idea: you're not directing anything at all and you're not participating in it--you are only observing.

Generally this exercise in its entirety involves the ability for concentration and the capacity to really "be in the NOW"; otherwise (as mentioned above) you can fall into the dream state and start making things up or fall back into prior memories of the place. You may start thinking about things you did when you were at this place the last time. The idea is to practice not loosing control and going into those memories or fantasy-land.

It takes practice. So don't be discouraged if you don't get excellent results the first time; try and try again. Go to different places--not to the same one over and over. It helps to have a friend or family members work with you in this exercise.

I suggest not working with this exercise for longer than 15 minutes; a half-hour tops. This exercise involves great disclipline of concentration and practice.

And (just like with everything else in the domain of psychic work) unbelief in your ability to accomplish this will act as a barrier. However, with an open mind results can be obtained with only a modest degree of training and practice.

Try it and see for yourself!
ADDENDUM: Today there wasn't much sunshine. Sometimes, on a cloudy day, I find that my solar lights do not light outdoors at night. Yet, sometimes they do! I had no way of knowing for sure if they were lit or not unless I went outside to look. So I did--but first I sent my consciousness outside to see. I did not go out and look with my physical eyes. Instead, I sent my consciousness outside to see if they were giving light or not.
I saw no light coming from the lanterns when I viewed them mentally.
Then afterwards, I walked outside to validate what I saw in my mind, and sure enough...
the lanterns were not lit. That's one small example of how to do the exercise.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cancer Moon ~ Use It to "Know Thyself"!

Everyone's Moon moves into the sign of Cancer on Wednesday April 1st around 11:30 am (EDT) and remains in Cancer until Friday the 3rd around 2:30 pm (EDT).

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and the 4th house of the zodiac. I can't help but think of a transiting Cancer Moon as a doubly moody Moon.

Of course, for each of us it will manifest differently dependent upon which house it is moving through in each person's chart.
ADDENDUM: and dependent upon what apects the Moon is making in your personal chart. This blog's weather report is general--it obviously has to be.

Cancer is a feminine sign; it's passive and is associated with the element of water. The 4th house is associated with "the womb" and therefore has connections with family or whatever the soul considers as being 'safety of the home' or the actual home itself. The archetype of the 4th house and Moon is the phenomenon of ego and subjective consciousness for the purpose of creating an evolving self-image. So issues of one's ego and self-image could be triggered due to the 4th house association of the Moon's rulership of this area.

With the Moon in Cancer we can tend to reach for emotional intimacy and then withdraw for the purpose of emotional security and containment. Think: the crab withdrawing into its shell.

Also, since the 4th house association with Cancer deals with one or both parents as well, we could find issues of emotional displacement from childhood coming up to the surface when the Moon is in it's own sign of Cancer. Additionally, the Cancer/Capricorn axis can bring up inner issues having to do with male/female distortions--Cancer being the female end of the spectrum and Capricorn the male. We may find that we crave emotional nurturing at this time since the Moon in Cancer has to do with nurturing energy. The Moon rules the stomach, so this area of the body may also be triggered. All of this considered, I think security issues are where we are most likely to see any unresolved distortions of this energy play out or manifest i.e. the "wounded child" and that type of thing. Early childhood wounds sometimes become "stuck" in the subconscious and displaced due to the early defenses of the child to overwhelming parental conditioning. The Moon connects to our "emotional" reality and the nature of the emotional body.

Due to man-made religious conditioning which has given us a distorted view that the source of security lies somewhere outside of self, a transiting Cancer Moon can help us evolve toward the true sense of security which comes from within. As one famous evolutionary astrologer (Green) once said, Sometimes the famous rug has to be pulled out from underneath the famous feet to enforce the idea that security is within.

On a more mundane level, a transiting Cancer Moon can favor domestic activities, home decor and family gatherings. In all of these cases, however, the hungry Cancer Moon is seeking emotional security and a sense of belonging and nurturing.

Emotional energy will be running high during this time and generally we may tend to take things very personally... the Moon will be reflecting the issues of your Sun to a high degree. And the house that your own personal Moon rules in your chart will give you a hint as to how your own security issues are likely to manifest for you. Where your natal Moon sits is an indicator of how you seek to have your emotional needs met.

No matter which way we cut it, when the Moon transits it's own sign (as it will be from Wednesday afternoon until Friday afternoon), emotions will likely be running high and sensitivities will be hightened too. If you are psychic, look for the Moon in Cancer to be a time when you can be super-psychic if you can discern the difference between your own emotional responses and true psychic sensitivity.

How to work with the Cancer Moon

Study your emotions and learn from them if you can. Observe the emotions of others and in light of the information in this post, you will likely understand what type of emotional security that person is seeking. This can help you understand not only yourself better but your friend and family too.

Here are some quotes on emotional awareness to help you work with the Cancer Moon:

You are on the Earth with a personality to learn about those parts of your self that need to be healed.

The intentions of your Soul are harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life.

The intellect has been demoted. [referring to the new paradigm] The intellect is no longer the chairman of the board. It is an employee. It is at the service of the heart.

It is necessary to become intimately aware of your self. Emotional Self Awareness! Until you become emotionally self aware, you won't know what it is you need to heal. And, therefore, you won't be able to heal it.

Your emotions show you the parts of yourself that are operating outside of your field of awareness. You need to be aware of your emotions because your emotions are the force-field of your Soul.

You cannot experience your Soul without experiencing your emotions. And this is not the same as projecting your emotions outside of your self (blame). And it is not the same as the intellect assigning a word like "anger" or "jealousy"--those are only
words. You must feel your emotional body, not the intellect.

You must feel the emotions within the body--in the throat, or the chest or the solar plexus. You must feel the emotional body, not the intellect. The intellect is no longer running the show.

You can meditate until you leave the Earth School and you can read spiritual scriptures and psychology books or you can study theology and you can pray, but until you can FEEL and UNDERSTAND the MESSAGES and GIFTS that your feelings bring you, YOU WON'T BE IN TOUCH WITH YOUR SOUL.

There are parts of the Soul that are here to heal and until you have found the roots of compulsions, obsessions, fixations and addictions, it doesn't matter how many times you set the intention for harmony and cooperation or sharing and reverence for life, as soon as something activates a compulsion, you will re-act (act again) the same way you have in the past.

Emotional awareness creates a fundamental step in creating your own freedom.
Unconscious emotions run our lives until we become aware of them!

Make it a practice to know what is going on inside of your body.

Notice the places in your body where you process your emotions.

Look inward for the reason for the emotion--don't project or blame others for those emotions.

This is being emotionally responsible... able to respond. And this is the start of being able to respond in wisdom.

Emotional awareness is your ability to continually receive information about your self that is important for you to know about your self.

Emotions are the force-field of your Soul--messages from your Soul.

Emotional awareness is your ability to receive MESSAGES FROM YOUR SOUL.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moon in Gemini Emotional Weather Report

The Moon is in Gemini Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday
The Moon moves into Gemini at approximately 8:30 am (EDT) Monday morning 3/30/09.
It remains in Gemini until 11:30 am (EDT) on Wednesday, 4/1/09 -- April Fool's Day! :)

So what's the Emotional Weather report for the early part of this upcoming week? What will the hungry Moon be endeavoring to pursue in order to feel comfortable, secure and happy?

We may as well know so we can go with the flow, right?
And it can't hurt to know what will satisfy other people emotionally either.
So let's take a look.

Who or what is Gemini? The teacher, the storyteller, the journalist. Right off the bat we could see that writing and communication would be favored--emotional fulfillment could come from that.

The Gemini Moon derives emotional security from information, information, and more information. Gemini is the left brain process--it's not that the Gemini doesn't feel, it does. It's just more intellectual than its philosophical polarity, Jupiter/Sag. As a way of avoiding the emotional body, Gemini tends to pull in a lot of information to process in order to intellectually understand what's going on. Gemini Moon can have revolving door perspectives because of information seeking rather than allowing the intuition to work.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini energy (like the planet Mercury itself) is fast moving and because it moves so quickly through the heavens, it sees quite a lot--its view and perspective is always changing.

That sort of makes me think of my hikes at Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA). Most US residents will recognize the Grand Canyon in the picture above. For International Readers: Meet my friend, the Grand Canyon! As you traverse the switchbacks and round the many bends, the view is constantly changing and you're continually being stimulated by scenery that changes before your eyes as you look from different angles. That's sort of like Gemini I think--taking it all in so fast that no conclusions can be drawn because the perspective is always changing. Curiosity fulfillment is continually sought. And, again, with no conclusions drawn--there's no time for that! Think: information overload. That's what the Gemini Moon loves! And usually there's a need to talk about all that information. Think: Chatter.

There may be less sleep when the Moon is in Gemini--it's hard to sleep when you keep chattering to yourself! Besides, this Moon will stimulate the nervous system like at no other time--that fast Gemini energy can produce jumpiness if you know what I mean. Too much of this and there is collapse and implosion, like a star blowing itself up!

How to avoid this? Quiet talk. No mind-wars with others or with your self. Heart-to-heart communication instead of verbal jousting. And doing something with that nervous energy... release it through a physical workout. Yeah, I'd say that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning are great times for physical exercise--preferably a fast paced walk in a place that has different views if possible. Live near the Grand Canyon? ha ha
Whatever exercise you do, don't make it boring. Gemini likes diversity.

The "twins" associated with Gemini refer to duality, opposite polarities and vacillating between the two. It's said that Libra has trouble with decision, but that's because this energy easily sees both perspectives. But I think Gemini has even more difficulty in this area because it gathers so much information that it has difficulty using it to draw any conclusion whatsoever. And more to the point, the twins usually wrestle with themselves over it all anyway. When I hear someone say, "Well, I'm of two minds about that", I think of Gemini and the duel nature of the twins.

Well, anyway, the twins like to be busy and can easily and quickly change what they're being busy about--the energy of this sign is flexible and mutable. Sometimes so flexible that it's like two different personalities; that's where the twin reference comes in.
Of course in the heavens we have the twin stars of Gemini--but that leads us into the topics of astronomy and mythology. I'll leave that for another time.

The thing with Gemini Moon is that it is highly intellectual and not as much into feeling as some of the other Moon signs.... so we could say that it's likely we'd see people being more apt intellectualize their emotions when the Moon is in Gemini.

When the Moon is in Gemini it brings "up" the energy of it's ruling planet, Mercury. And on Monday the March 30th, Mercury conjuncts the Sun. This could manifest as people being overly involved in their own thoughts at the expense of yours--ignoring yours. I think, therefore I am! The blind spots created by the merging of the bright Sun with Mercury could prevent people from seeing the points of view of others.
Guidelines: Be sure to get your physical exercise Monday & Tuesday so you can sleep at night, and watch out for those tricksters on April Fool's Day--that's on Wednesday. And be mindful of those blind spots created from the Sun/Mercury conjunction. By the way, the effects of the Sun/Mercury conjunction will be strung out, essentially, over the first few weeks of April.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

How Do You Talk To Your Spirit Guides?

You Listen, Feel and Observe!

People always want to know the answer to this question. I don’t think it’s about talking to them as much as it is about LISTENING to them! There’s a big difference!

I think most people talk too much – to others, to themselves and even to their guides. And the listening part is where the difficulty arises!

My sense is that we are being monitored all the time by spirit guides or let me say it this way, by higher intelligence. And this higher intelligence feels our feelings too. So our emotional language is also being monitored. That’s my sense of how it works anyway.

The responses that we get from the energy that we like to call spirit guides comes to us in the form of emotions too. We can also receive replies via words and synchronistic events of all kinds and shapes and sizes. More about emotional replies from spirit guides a bit later.

And now we’re actually going into the topic of the language of spirit and that should be rightfully covered in its own post another day, another time.

Let me stick with the subject here… my apology for drifting momentarily. Anyway, we are so busy chatting away to ourselves and others and experiencing our emotional dramas most of the time that we can actually miss the reply or return call from what we term spirit guides or the higher intelligence.

It’s right there! Transmissions are being broadcast and sign posts are being held up before us all the time and many times we just don’t get it. And I say this from personal experience, because that happens to me too. Sometimes we get it well after the fact and look back and realize we were being given information and communication the whole while.

So the greater question, I believe, and that which I am asking you to consider is this. How do we listen to our spirit guides?

Let me go for a bullet list here and see if I can gather and make a few points in this regard. Here's a short list of "how to's" that comes to mind:

Quiet the mind. Yeah, I know. Easier said than done—especially when we REALLY need that guidance. Practicing doing this when "all is well" and at times when there is no crisis will help you to create that pathway. Then you can access it quickly when you really need to find your way into a quiet mind. When the mind is quiet, we can listen.

Pay attention to what other people are saying to you. Many times information and answers come right out of the mouth of others. Don’t be picky about how the answers and insights come… spirit will use whatever avenue is open and available. If they can’t get straight through to you, they will use your friends.

Notice what you are being drawn to do. I call it being “impulsed”. You can call it being guided. It manifests as an overwhelming desire. Such as a desire to pick up the phone or write that email or whatever you are being drawn to. Be aware while doing all activities.

Answers and messages come through movies,books and music. There are all kinds of pathways that spirit uses to reach you.

When, in the midst of a crisis of some type, you are suddenly overcome with feelings of calm and peace, that's an emotional reply from your spirit guides. They pick up your emotions and respond with emotions.... those of calm and peace and sudden joy! That's another way your spirit guides talk to you.

Okay, those are just a few thoughts on the subject for today. My essential point is that we don't have to talk to them as much as we think we do... they already know via monitoring our thoughts and feelings. A simple, "help" works just fine--that's the expression of your free will to accept assistance. They already know what's going on. Then, all we have to do is be awake and aware enough to receive the reverse signal.... that's the real issue!