Saturday, February 21, 2009


The Moon is still in Cap. Good day for study I guess and I did some of that. What else? Astrology, of course!

My thoughts are meandering toward the weather. Not such a hot topic to write about--pardon the pun. People write about the weather when they have nothing more constructive to say. Maybe that's the deal right now.

Not too many deep thoughts today--surface stuff, about the economy. Well, who wants to go THERE, right? That's Capricorn flavoring my mood, I suppose.

I've got Cap on the cusp of my 6th; no planets there. But its the polarity point to Pluto. Well, I told ya'--I warned ya'! I've had astrology on my mind all day. PLUS I'm cold.

The fire (fireplace) isn't kicking out much heat tonight. I'm out of here; going to take a hot bath, get some hot tea and grab a book and crawl under my down comforter. Snow tomorrow... again! Or that's what the weather man says. Why not? I think the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter--its been a long, cold one this year. Well, that's Capricorn flavoring my mood again. Ha!

Okay, that's IT! Where's my astrology book... I'm grabbing it and shutting down my computer.

See ya' ~ Joy